Q3 2021

55 | Q2 2021 Jun21342 After a particularly difficult year for many, Allegro Optical is celebrating winning Best Family Run Eye Care Clinic, 2021 - West Yorkshire, as it becomes one to watch in the world of eye health. Here, we talk to Managing Director, Sheryl Doe, as we take a look at what it has done to achieve this award. Allegro Optical is a unique practice that provides focused and flawless customer service to its many pre- existing and brand-new clients. Managing Director Sheryl Doe tells us, “The company specialises in performing arts eye care and its practitioners are the only optical professionals in the UK to be registered with the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM).” As its practitioners are musicians themselves, they understand exactly how important it is for musicians to have brilliant eyesight. Sheryl says, “We are in a unique position to be able to help with career-limiting eye conditions and to find optical solutions that can help performers to continue working.” As Allegro helps all sorts of performing artists for film, television producers and presenters, actors, singers, musicians, and more, it is making a difference to the quality of the arts in general. After all, it is important for each musician to be able to see their music sheets clearly so that they may play pieces correctly. “We work very closely with BAPAM who refer clients to us, and we also work with The Royal College of Music and The Northern College of Music,” Sheryl adds. Allegro gets a lot of its customers this way and helps them to experience their artistic lives to the fullest with its 3D eye scans and visual stress tests. Sheryl shares its unique selling point from her perspective, “Our USP is to take a completely different approach to conducting the eye test and dispense, this enables us to provide the client with a solution which matches their needs, solves their problems, and considers their lifestyle.” COVID-19 has presented some problems for Allegro, much as it has done with other practices. But Allegro has been able to adapt itself to the current situation by continuing to provide emergency services to those who need them Unfortunately, many of its performing arts clients have been furloughed or laid off, as well as being unable to travel. It now has a large backlog of clients that are waiting to be treated now that they can travel Visions Of A Clearer Future again. And with the increase of eye issues due to lockdowns where people were forced to read music in smaller spaces, and therefore physically closer than before, Allegro has a lot of custom. As far as 2021 goes, Allegro is treating its influx of customers while also expanding into the hearing care market as well as its podiatry/chiropody treatments. It is now opening a new practice in Marsden, West Yorkshire and continues to support as many clients as possible. The new practice will be the largest and closer to a railway station to allow musicians to travel to it with ease. Allegro is a family run business of musicians who really care about the health of its customers. But Sheryl adds, “You don’t have to be related by blood or marriage to be part of the Allegro family.” It is a family of all kinds of individuals who want to make a difference. After all, Allegro promotes the use of UK manufactured lenses as well as ethical eye care for a brighter, more focused future. Contact: Sheryl Doe Company: Allegro Optical Web Address: www.allegrooptical.co.uk “We are in a unique position to be able to help with career-limiting eye conditions and to find optical solutions that can help performers to continue working.”