Q3 2021

Q3 2021 | 57 Lighting Up the Night Each customer, in this manner, can expect both dedication and professionalism when they come to working with AJC Group. With the flexibility to handle single lighting installations with consistently dependable efficacy, it can cover large festive light installations, and indeed has applied this time and time again for clients such as Harrods and the Shard. In addition, its sales and support team have over 35 years of innovation and know-how under their belts that they apply when serving a client’s lighting needs, allowing AJC Group to respond to any project with supreme efficacy and talent, no matter how odd a client might think the brief is. In working in a way that always puts the client first, it is able to reassure them that just about anything is possible in the lighting market, and its sales team have the knowledge and diligence required to have a back-to-back depth and breadth of experience in working out how a client’s project could be achieved. Crucially, with each of them being innovative minds in and of themselves, they are gifted when it comes to working with a client to hash out the details. Even if a client should come to the table not knowing exactly what is needed or what they’d like, this team can tease out the details, matching specific colour desires or aesthetic leanings to certain types of lighting and design. Additionally, if a client should wish to see the spectrum this company is capable of, one simply needs to look through examples of its past work. Each of these efforts display a wide range of successful aesthetic stylings all created through clever lighting design, in-line with the ethos of the event and its organisers. The graphic design team behind this have therefore become widely known for their ability to produce absolute showstoppers. Being so bespoke, its work offers flexibility and adaptability that a client will be hard pressed to find elsewhere, passing these on to its engineering team after the graphic design work is finished. The engineers that work for AJC Group are another crucial element of the team. They make the vision of its clients a reality with the precision and due process that has made them such an outstanding industry contender, led by a directing team that includes Declan Murdock, ‘2021’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year’. All in all, no matter what a client wants and how outlandish the brief, AJC Group will make every effort to ensure they are catered to. With this in mind, it is easy to see the exemplary customer service that has made it such a front runner in festive lighting, and thanks to the support of its clients, this is something that will not be slowing anytime soon. Company: AJC Group Contact: Declan Murdock Website: http://ajc-group.com/