Q3 2021

Q3 2021 | 7 Disguise Extends Reality Many disguise employees, in fact have worked in live events and were disguise users before joining the company. This knowledge feeds into disguise solutions that are well-known for removing the technical barriers within the creative process. This is ideal for live performances and broadcasts where there is no margin for error. The disguise platform also makes it easier for clients to make creative changes to their production on the fly. Tom states, “Using our software, clients can pre-visualise creative concepts and make any necessary changes to the production directly from the disguise timeline to enhance production efficiencies. This is game-changing, and our customers echo this.” Additionally, “disguise staff or, as we like to call them, ‘disguisers’, play a core role in enabling the success of the business. We are fearless, resilient, honest and evolutionary meaning we are not afraid of going where nobody has dared to go before. We are open, and transparent in everything we do and maintain a strong sense of community with our end users at the heart of what we do. Most importantly, belonging is a huge part of our core values at disguise. We want to make sure that everyone feels welcome and belongs here and we are always striving to make disguise the most inclusive place to work. When I joined disguise, I immediately felt at home and I hope others do too.” In 2021 Tom states, “we are entering a new phase of our growth development. With recent backing from the Carlyle Group and Epic Games, we will continue to innovate and improve within the extended reality space - making our workflow easier and more accessible for our users to access and use in their creative projects. “We have recently integrated the Academy Colour Encoding System (ACES) into our latest software offering and are working closely with ACES to improve and enhance colour quality and standardisation within the disguise workflow to empower our users to deliver virtual productions of the highest cinematic quality” Company Name: disguise Contact Name: Joni Lindes Web Address: www.disguise.one/en/ Contact Email: joni.lindes@disguise.one Image credit Faber AV