Q3 2022

Q3 2022 | 11 May22178 The Personal Touch The law can seem like a monolith, unchanging and unchangeable, but the impact of its degrees affect people every day of our lives. We take a look at the team from Faith Williams Law to uncover precisely how they’ve been able to achieve such success in the UK Legal Awards where the team were named Best Conveyancing Law Firm - East Midlands. We dig a little deeper to uncover precisely how the team did it. Exceptional legal advice isn’t all you can get from the team at Faith Williams Law. You find within the walls of the team’s offices an approach which is a million miles away from legal jargon and complicated arguments. This is a team that focuses on the unique needs of people and offering the best legal advice to them to ensure they have the best possible outcome. With offices in Plymouth and Lincoln, the team at Faith Williams are proud to provide the services of a traditional law firm with a relaxed approach that is anything but. The approach of Faith Williams Law has always been one which is compassionate and friendly. As far away from the stuffy attitude of the traditional law firm as possible, a major part of the appeal of the Faith Williams Law team is their informal air. Whilst not standing on ceremony, the team are well aware of their craft and take great pride in their ability to deliver stunning legal advice to their clients. This unique vision is part of why Faith Williams founded the firm in the first place. After fifteen years of legal expertise, she felt that there was a gap in the market for those who could speak plainly and clearly to people about issues of family law. The team at her firm are all committed to making clients feel relaxed and comfortable in a system which is often alien to them in every way. Bringing a boutique approach to everyone has been incredibly rewarding for her and her team. Since opening their doors, the Faith Williams team have tackled cases including conveyance, family law, civil dispute resolution, negligence cases and wills and codicils. Their work has been truly exceptional, protecting the rights of many in a no-nonsense way. When someone is in trouble and needs help quickly, this is a team that knows how to act quickly to get the best possible result. Kindness and inclusion starts every discussion at Faith Williams Law, which is why the team offer a free legal consultation to allow the team to understand your case better and for their clients to understand precisely what is expected of them by the legal team. This simple step is key to ensuring that this talented crew of solicitors can assess how strong a case in, how likely it is to succeed and the chance of you gaining compensation if you ask for it. Instead of leaving you to fend for yourself, every consultation ends with a step-by-step guide of what is most likely to happen next. From the very beginning, Faith Williams Law discusses the potential legal fees involved in a case. They operate on a fixed fee basis, offering complete transparency at all times. As a business that is built on ensuring that legal services are accessible to all, it’s little wonder they place such pride on their affordable fees, with no hidden costs at any point. When people turn to Faith Williams Law, they know they can trust the team to deliver precisely what they promise. As the team at Faith Williams Law continue to go from strength to strength, we celebrate the way in which they are broadening the industry. By reaching out to what people need in a calm and friendly manner, they have been able to achieve overwhelming success. We cannot wait to see what they do in the weeks and months yet to come. Company: Faith Williams Law Name: Faith Williams Email: faith@faithwilliamslaw.com