Q3 2022

Q3 2022 | 13 Jun22015 People, Community, and Coffee at 92 Degrees Born out of Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter in 2014, 92 Degrees does coffee differently. From its humble beginnings, the company has achieved a loyal following of coffee lovers with its focus on quality products, ethical practices and sustainability. 92 Degrees is our Best Roastery and Coffee Shop Company, 2022 – United Kingdom. From the start, the roastery and coffee shop, 92 Degrees, was on a mission to deliver something good in every cup of coffee. Based on the corner of Hardman and Hope Street, the company quickly decided that sourcing and roasting its own coffee beans would be the best way to ensure quality. In fact, 92 Degrees’ signature blend is named after the famous street – Hope Street Espresso. Starting out with one coffee shop, today 92 Degrees boasts a further three coffee shops in Liverpool and has expanded to Leeds, Southport, Manchester, and London. The company’s mission to do good extends way beyond serving a great cup of coffee. 92 Degrees’ core values are people, community and coffee. Company director, John (Jack) Brewitt, explains, “Everything we do is in the name of our core values. Far and near we’re always looking to make a positive impact. We offer a sense of belonging and opportunity to everyone that crosses our threshold.” Close to home, the company invites local artists, businesses and suppliers to showcase their work and products in its shops. Further afield, 92 Degrees began partnering with Project Waterfall in 2017. The charity provides clean water, sanitation and hygiene for coffee-growing communities around the world. Jack says, “We donate 10% of all bagged coffee sales to the charity. So far we’ve raised over £14,600.” 92 Degrees’ mission is to provide awesome coffee for everyone, everywhere. But, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the mission was in doubt as the company was forced to close its stores for an extended period. Jack tells us, “We were unsure of how we were going to survive. There was a silver lining though. Our online sales increased considerably. This meant we were able to continue our mission of providing awesome coffee, for everyone, everywhere.” The online popularity of the company’s products continued to grow past the lockdown. So much so, 92 Degrees was able to open five new shops. As well as its increasing loyal base of ‘at home’ coffee fans, 92 Degrees has developed its wholesale offering and currently partners with hotels, churches, bars, and restaurants, coffee shops, garden centres, and universities. So what’s the internal culture like at 92 Degrees? Jack says, “I’d describe our culture as resilient, persistent and ready to take on any challenge. We’re still a small team, especially within our HQ/ Roastery. We’ve had to all wear lots of different hats and work together to achieve our ambitious goals.” “Our in-store and HQ/Roastery teams work at a very high level of performance. Without them striving to offer the best guest experience and quality product every day, we wouldn’t have reached this level of success so quickly.” “As we continue to grow, expanding our teams has come naturally. We look for people who are genuinely good. They’ll have an eagerness to succeed and contribute their unique personality and skillset to the company. You can teach coffee, not personality.” Looking to the future, 92 Degrees plans to expand into more communities. The company is working towards B-corp certifications and mitigating its environmental impact too. Jack explains, “We know we have lots to do, especially as we continue growing. But we’re proud of what we’ve already achieved. This includes using our 92 Degrees electric vans for local deliveries, choosing local suppliers and recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable packaging and materials.” Asked about receiving the award he says, “Thank you for allowing us to share our story. We’re honoured to be recognised for this award. It’s great to know that our hard work and dedication to do good and provide awesome coffee hasn’t gone unnoticed.” Contact: Jack Brewitt Company: 92 Degrees Web: https://92degrees.coffee/