Q3 2022

16 | Q3 2022 Jun22451 Most Innovative Telecommunications MD 2022: Sawan Dhillon Over his tenure as Mango Networks’ Managing Director, front-running professional mind Sawan Dhillon has been pushing his company and his career from strength to strength. In short, this telecommunications solution provider specialises in data cabling in all its forms. Dhillon has been keen to ensure its excellence is maintained across each of the operations it conducts beneath this umbrella, from installing data cabling and fibre optic infrastructure to installing network devices, network device configurations, surveying, and commissioning. Mango Networks’ excellence has been cultivated over time, in short, by the incredible team who operate the business. Led by extraordinary and industry-minded experts such as Managing Director Sawan Dhillon, the firm has been making itself a foremost cornerstone of the telecommunications sector, especially where it pertains to data cabling and data centre creation. Nominally, this is what has allowed it to glean the trust and respect of a plethora of clients across a wide cross section of different industries, having completed works for companies such as BT, the London fire brigade, WHSmith, the NHS, local councils, and local schools, making itself a key partner to their ability to communicate in an efficient, modern, and reliable manner. Indeed, something else that sets Mango Networks apart from its competitors, is it does not work for profit. Thus, it can ensure its efforts match to a wide range of companies, networks, and organisations, because it is dedicated to ensuring that it will be able to ply its trade for any who need it, working hard to play a part in the recent network infrastructure installations for vaccination centres nationwide, as well as numerous construction sites, even luxury apartment complexes. Its core ethos throughout all of this is one of providing the best service, with the most competitive improvements, and the most impeccable dedication to creating a world that is ready for the challenges of the future. Purely by caring about its customers and the quality of work that it is providing, it has been able to grow and develop, enjoying the naturalistic expansion of its business as it continues to earn and impress more and more clients, who then go on to recommend it to their peers. The money, therefore, has followed in a sustainable and dependable manner. Principally, it believes in its mission of becoming the go-to solutions provider for commercial businesses nationwide, as well as one where the engineers and staff within the business get treated with dignity, respect, and gratitude for their hard work. In short, its people always come first: staff and customer alike. Therefore, its culture is the most important element of its business, with a strict dedication to understanding and empathy prevailing throughout the company’s wider structure. The staff are friends as well as colleagues, the teams integrate well together in order to form the wider processes of the company, and any competitiveness is kept healthy through good communication and the development of empathy between each colleague and the wider staff infrastructure. Creating a bond within the business, after all, is what will ensure everyone within the business can cultivate fulfilling working relationships there. Thus, it compares itself to a sports team. To be ahead of the game in the industry, the whole body of staff must be raring to go with their eyes on the prize, and this is what it ensures is the case throughout its work, with every team player knowing their role and what it entails. Indeed, if someone doesn’t, it considers this a failure of itself and not the person, and put significant effort into training, tutelage, and education, treating everyone as equally important within the wider structure of the corporation in order to cultivate a healthy working environment that creates happy people and great results. Due to the impeccable work it has put into making itself a great atmosphere to work within, its staff can extend the support and security they feel out towards clients; each of whom are industry leaders and go-getters who serve their own markets with similar drive and tenacity. Mango Networks’ goal, and the goal of Dhillon as its Managing Director, is to ensure they can do this with the utmost ease and efficiency, from the emergency services to the top-100 blue chip companies operating within the UK, approaching customers with a kind of empathy and humility that they each come to appreciate. By refusing to engage with them in a transactional manner, it has built its reputation as a company whose presence is personable and diligent, standing out through attitude as well as excellence of service and overcoming adversity and challenge with a staunch commitment that secures it the lifelong trust of its clientele. Indeed, this tends to be a rare thing in the telecommunications space, and its dedication to this is therefore made even more outstanding. With a reputation for the delivery of the most difficult tasks on time and within budget, its ability to aid those who need it has made it an especially pivotal pillar of its industry during the pandemic, where installing the correct infrastructure quickly and effectively without breaking the bank was more important than ever. It was also able to install its cabling solutions for telecommunications within a day, where many of its competitors were working to 3-5 day lead times. Minimising time taken, reducing waste created, and saving money for its clients, it looks forward to continuing to work hard to aid its clients