Q3 2022

A note from the Editor... Welcome to the 2022 Q3 edition of SME News Magazine, where we provide you with all of the latest news, announcements, and features about some of the best up-and-coming enterprises around the United Kingdom. This year has been a ride, full of ups and downs, for all of us. We have welcomed change and found new ways of expressing ourselves through our business endeavours. Now that the summer has ended, we take a step back with the change of the season. Autumn is usually about reflection and the reaping of our rewards – and this issue is here to mirror that. Demonstrating resilience, pride, and harnessing many innovative ideas, the businesses featured in this issue give us inspiration and motivation for our own journey. Not only do they encourage us to soar high, but they also offer peace of mind when we are searching for businesses to support and teach us. We want to take a moment to honour and celebrate the entities who have won these prestigious awards. Our cover, Centelli, is a globally renowned Robotic Process Automation business that has created solutions for that change the way we work. Freeing individuals up to take on more complex and diverse tasks, Centelli acts as a buttress for all kinds of businesses. It enables them to manage workloads whilst expanding at an exponential rate. We are proud to present Centelli with the prestigious title of Best UK Robotic Process Automation Technology Company, 2022. We wish you a very prosperous few months ahead and we look forward sharing Q4 with you soon. Sofi Bajor | Editor +44 (0) 203 970 0018 s.bajor@aiglobalmedialtd.com