Q3 2022

Jun22710 The Importance of Building a Strong Team For effective HR and employment solutions, HR:4UK – the Best Outsourced HR Consultancy Services Company, 2022 - East Midlands – is the premium option. HR:4UK tailors its services to cater to you, resulting in an attentive and bespoke experience. Read further to discover more about the five-star consultancy. Hinckley, Leicestershire is home to the award-winning HR and Employment Law consultancy HR:4UK. For the past 38 years HR:4UK has been providing expert services to businesses, covering areas such as HR and employment law matters, payroll and pensions, recruitment, and health and safety. The company’s services are highly valued by its clients who regularly supply HR:4UK with five-star ratings. This success is, in part, thanks to HR:4UK’s proven track record for delivering efficient, high quality, professional services at affordable prices. The company’s approach to business is built around its mission: ‘To create tailored business solutions that mean you don’t have to worry about the people stuff and give you time back to focus on your business and bring better balance to your life.’ Of course, this mission links into the company’s core values which can be described as customer-centric. HR:4UK’s values have evolved over time; however, they have remained at the epicentre of the business. It truly cares about its clients and employees. Such goals and values stem from the company’s Managing Director, Angela Clay. Angela, who has been with the company for over nine years, took on the leading role six years ago, and in this time, she has led the business to an abundance of success. Indeed, under her wing, HR:4UK grew turnover by an impressive increase of 61% in just five years as Managing Director. Furthermore, she plays an integral role in guiding HR:4UK towards achieving its goals. Be it establishing a strong team or prioritising client relationships, it is clear that Angela is devoted to the business and that this attitude has transformed HR:4UK for the better. In fact, in a December 2021 Employee Feedback Survey, Angela invited her team to share their thoughts and feelings surrounding the business – and this included how they viewed her. The survey garnered a total response of 77%, with employees commenting that, ‘Angela is a very caring MD who always has time to listen and support.’ Moreover, one employee stated, ‘HR:4UK has adopted a culture of getting things done willingly and well. This has truly been driven through Angela, our MD, who definitely instils this culture every day.’ Angela has worked hard to instil a positive internal culture, as she believes that having a healthy internal culture is imperative for success. Simply, nurturing your employees will empower them to exceed their goals, and as a result, clients receive a service that is filled with enthusiasm and passion. It also ensures that HR:4UK retains staff – an aspect of business that many companies are currently having issues with. There are a number of ambitious plans in place for the end of 2022 and beyond. For example, by 2025, HR:4UK endeavours to have delivered 300 tailored solutions to businesses. HR:4UK hopes to implement positive change in businesses across the country, building a network of strong companies whilst educating its clients on the importance of taking care of what’s most important – their teams. Contact: Angela Clay Company: HR:4UK Web Address: www.hr4uk.com