Q3 2022

Q3 2022 | 29 Jul22183 National Sustainable Parts Washing Equipment Supplier of the Year 2022 Finding the right cleaning solutions can be tricky, especially if you’re looking for something that will keep your equipment alive for the foreseeable future – especially without damaging the earth in the process. Eco Parts Wash Ltd has changed the world of cleaning and is safe, effective, and green. Here we look at the backbone of the family-run company as it wins this enviable title. Founded by Tony Roper, Eco Parts Wash Ltd supplies leading bioremediation cleaning solutions to a plethora of businesses and organisations across the UK. Eco Parts Wash is a conscientious and passionate supplier of a vast range of products that clean, revive, and sustain machinery and tools. Eco Parts Wash’s mission is to provide more than a cleaning machine. It promises a better future – for our equipment, tools, and planet. With Tony at the helm, and his passion truly directed into what Eco Parts Wash does every day, it has come a long way – extremely quickly. In only a couple of years, Eco Parts Wash has become one to watch for its ground-breaking technology, and here’s why. As the approved supplier of the CRC SmartWasher®, OzzyJuice®, and OzzyMat® for maintenance, repair, and operational professionals, Eco Parts Wash has had a huge impact on businesses throughout the UK. The CRC SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washing System is a high quality, self-cleaning, machine washer that is extremely popular with everyone who uses it – this is due to its ISO accreditations and ability to improve business reputation. It also helps to save money, time, and energy all whilst lowering the carbon footprint. Additionally, it does all of this whilst providing a safe place for staff members to work – resulting in an all-round positive situation. As the UK’s Ministry Of Defence is the main user of the SmartWasher®, Eco Parts Wash could not be prouder to know it offers such intricate and reliable machinery to such a powerful organisation. Going hand in hand with this, the OzzyJuice® has weapons and aircraft approval which makes it suitable for all defence tool and machinery needs. However, it’s not just for defence weapons and machinery – Eco Parts Wash also provides the SmartWasher®, OzzyJuice®, and OzzyMat®’s vital services to any business looking to clean their machinery in a safer, superior, and more eco-friendly way. OzzyJuice® was created to ensure only the best clean for every surface. It is a responsive, active, and sustainable cleaning solution that guarantees the self-cleaning abilities for the SmartWasher®. The OzzyMat® is a professionally designed filter that is woven from a special blend of Ozzy® Microbes. This filter keeps the OzzyJuice® clean whilst the washer cleans the desired surface. Together these three elements ensure each job is started, carried out, and finished correctly – so as to save the maximum amount of time, effort, energy, and money. With a large list of benefits behind it, Eco Parts Wash offers businesses and organisations the cleaning tool they need to transform their machinery and spaces. Helping any one who needs it, Eco Parts Wash holds a very valuable key to unlocking an eco-friendly future. Eco Parts Wash has won the prestigious accolade of National Sustainable Parts Washing Equipment Supplier of the Year 2022, in the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022, after winning Best Nationwide Sustainable Parts Washing Equipment Provider in 2021. For the second year running, Eco Parts Wash is truly stunning us as it continues to work with industrial, automotive, marine, bike, aerospace, pharmaceutical, aviation industries, and more. It is with great delight that we bestow Eco Parts Wash with this title – and we are sure that it will go on to pleasantly surprise even more clients and customers with its innovative solutions to ecofriendly cleaning. Contact: Tony Roper Company: Eco Parts Wash Ltd Web Address: https://www.ecopartswash.co.uk/