Q3 2022

30 | Q3 2022 Best Memory Foam & Mattress Specialists Company, 2022 - UK Having been the leading brand in memory foam mattresses for years, Dormeo has made itself a favourite amongst its customers with its ever-diligent service and its technology-focussed mattress solutions. The company refuses to rest on its laurels, proving its acumen as one of Europe’s most loved sleep brands by consistently developing new products using their award-winning patented technology, ensuring that its customers always benefit from the best night’s sleep. As one of the UK’s leading mattress specialists, Dormeo’s impact has been felt all over the country as it works hard to better the night’s sleep of people from all walks of life. Selling affordable, well-crafted, and exceedingly comfortable mattresses that provide years of uninterrupted slumber, it has also become a staple in international markets, celebrating its 20th birthday globally this year. Bringing a revolution to the industry of mattress creation and development, the Octasmart range of products has been developed using patented Octaspring® technology. Satisfyingly smart, this technology surpasses standard foam layers with individually placed foam springs of different strengths and densities, positioned over smart zones to provide support and cradling comfort to areas of the body that need it most.. Unlike anything else on the market, this technology is 8x more breathable and helps you sleep 3 degrees cooler than traditional memory foam. When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, Dormeo believe that knowledge is key. By knowing what size, firmness, and thickness is needed, and the preferred sleeping position, Dormeo can help their customers discover a mattress that’s right for their unique body. Through dedicated staff, a showroom to test and try the products, and a recently renovated website that’s been designed with accessible content and simple UX for pain-free shopping, Dormeo have created a service to be proud of. All with the aim of reinforcing how important sleep is in living a happy, healthy life. And the correct mattress is pivotal to this. Although for many it can seem like a small consideration, choosing the right mattress is crucial for everyone. It can prevent or reduce issues such as back and neck pain, while providing comfort for a quicker, deeper night’s rest.. Moreover, as a customer focused company, Dormeo provides a sleep solution for everybody, every bedroom, and every budget; making itself an all-inclusive brand that is passionate about everyday comfort and at affordable prices. With its staff at the epicentre of all of its operations, its low turnover and employee long service demonstrates the company’s values; standing as a business that supports and encourages its staff in both their professional and personal lives. Importantly, it treats each staff member like a family member, finding the right people for the right job and giving them the appropriate training and support they need to find happiness and progression in the role. This remained true throughout the pandemic, where Dormeo stood firmly by their employees, adapting quickly to remote working, whilst still maintaining the close knit family feel throughout each lockdown. Indeed, Covid-19’s impact on the world’s corporate ecosystem cannot be overstated, and the cost of living has also been impacted as a result. This means that people who may have already been struggling prior to the pandemic are struggling more so now, and Dormeo hopes that it can do something to help by ensuring that its commitment to responsible, fair-priced products remains a constant. Even in the face of many difficult challenges brought on by the pandemic, it has been doubling down on supporting its staff to help its customers with all their mattress needs. Dormeo has worked hard throughout the pandemic to continue to deliver a great night’s sleep, whilst working on developing new products using their patented technology. Coming soon, its Octasmart DNA mattress is soon to be introduced to the market. This one-of-a-kind innovation uses AI technology and body mapping to create a truly personalised mattress, designed entirely for each individual body. So, watch this space... the future of sleep and the first real innovation since memory foam 20 years ago has arrived. Company: Dormeo Contacts: Madeleine Morgan, International PR Manager Website: www.dormeo.co.uk Jul22151