Q3 2022

Q3 2022 | 37 Jun22752 A Passion For Local Lettings No matter what stage of your life you find yourself in, buying and selling a property can be a lengthy and complicated process – as well as a huge decision. Above all, Hallam Hills Limited promises style, affordability, and a service that shows complete transparency at every stage. Here we explore how it has won Best Commercial Lettings Agency – Sheffield. Centrally based in Sheffield, Hallam Hills Limited is an estate agency providing residential and commercial properties for sale and let. Open six days a week, it has always serviced the area with a clear eye for quality thanks to its passion and professionalism. From old and new to shared or private, its library of locations means that any customer is guaranteed to find somewhere that feels like home. Hallam Hills takes pride in this ability to provide and ensures it has a selection that fits every possible client. Hallam Hill’s library is extensive, with over 280 listed properties at the time of writing. Its focus is on more modern and affordable properties, but its collection remains varied. Maintaining shared accommodation perfect for students, affordable flats for single professionals or couples looking to save up some cash, and a range of homes for newcomers to the market and those looking to upgrade and expand. Though Hallam Hills’ properties are at the centre of everything it does, the stars of the business are the team members. The agency is staffed predominantly with locals, which is an essential factor in recruitment as they are very much aware of the surrounding areas on a personal note. Hallam Hills not only prides itself on supporting the local community but also on maintaining an up-to-date, personal, and intimate knowledge of the surrounding area. When hiring, the team more often finds what they need in locally based talent. As a result, its agents and other staff members are not only experts in their roles but Sheffield and the surrounding area itself. Essential not only for matching a buyer with their perfect property but also for selling a property on a customer’s behalf. As part of its buying and selling service, Hallam Hills begins by providing free, no-obligation property appraisals and valuations via one of its specialist property managers. These 30 to 60-minute meetings occur at the property, at the seller’s convenience, complete with detailed inspections of the premises and detailed talks between the manager and owner. This is so that the Hallam Hills team is explicitly aware of the specific needs of the owners/sellers before moving forward. From there, Hallam Hills encourages its clients to pick their preferred agent from its team. The agency strongly believes in finding common ground and building a working relationship where customers feel comfortable and understood. Additionally, Hallam Hills wants the customer to understand as much as possible about the proceedings, hence allowing them a say in the agent they will be working with through to the process’s completion. Any offer will be relayed to customers verbally at the first available opportunity and in writing within twenty-four hours. Additionally, it makes all best endeavours to qualify purchasers before any viewings. To ensure this, Hallam Hills formally checks their status and ability to proceed with any offer they make. The team collects contact details for their broker, mortgage lender, and any estate agent dealing with their current property sale so that the proposals it passes along to customers are reliable and go through as described. At this stage, it will also work to inform customers of any chain implications and the likely timescale of any agreed transaction. Due to the nature of the process, Hallam Hills is very transparent about all ongoing and potential future proceedings, always keeping its partners in the loop, with no exceptions. It also ensures that it has regular liaisons with all recognised legal parties to ensure it can keep customers abreast of progress on a timely basis. Work done with Hallam Hills is as expedient as possible, with complete information and communication. Transparency, affordability, and its unique breed of style underscores every interaction and is precisely why it was awarded the Best Commercial Lettings Agency in Sheffield. With many excellent properties across Sheffield under its purview, ranging in size and location, Hallam Hills is the one to approach for any customers looking for somewhere modern and affordable to make their homes. Particularly at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Contact: Adam Khan Company: Hallam Hills Limited Web: http://www.hallamhills.co.uk