Q3 2022

Q3 2022 | 39 Jul22305 Best Global Recruitment Private Equity Investors 2022 A strong workforce is one of the keys to business success, and having a team to rely on is invaluable. Recruitment Entrepreneur empowers recruiters to continue their path towards growth and accomplishment, providing marketleading tools and assistance tailor-made for the recruitment sector and the businesses operating within it. Recruitment Entrepreneur is one of the most successful private equity investors for recruitment businesses. It invests in all sectors of the recruitment industry, assisting a diverse portfolio of companies in almost every niche. Its core focus is investing in ambitious entrepreneurs looking to launch or scale their operations. Above all, it offers the springboard a recruitment company may need to achieve its vision. Whether that be funding, guidance, strategic advice, or know-how from its team’s extensive experience, Recruitment Entrepreneur can provide anything a company needs. Part of this springboard consists of the community that Recruiting Entrepreneur has built and the expertise of its dedicated team. Covering operations from IT and marketing to finance and legal, Recruitment Entrepreneur takes care of different sides of the business on its clients’ behalf. Additionally, the community it has forged provides its partners with everything they may need to move forward, from funding and financial advice to talent attraction solutions and marketing. Thus, allowing its partners to entirely focus on what they do best. Meanwhile, Recruitment Entrepreneur handles anything else they need and facilitates their growth; its assistance is designed to consistently enable partner businesses to flourish in the direst circumstances. As the economy is taking a hit from various angles, many companies have found themselves facing such dire circumstances. In these times, there is a greater desire to work with industry leaders with a proven track record. From here, Recruitment Entrepreneur doesn’t just provide its services but a guarantee of security and success. An example of this is EliteCyber. Following a period of overspending, this business approached Recruitment Entrepreneur after they had amassed over £225k in cumulative losses. During the partnership, Recruitment Entrepreneur worked with them to cut costs and focus on getting back to basics. Following this period of change, EliteCyber had a swift recovery and an upturn of £500k. This is far from the only success story of Recruitment Entrepreneur as it is very open about the results of its work. It is also open about its 168% average annual growth and the 24% average profit margin. It has proven its effectiveness repeatedly and, in a time of financial insecurity for many companies, that is a comforting prospect for any company reaching out for assistance. Recruitment Entrepreneur’s successes speak for themselves. The global-facing organisation has turned things around for many businesses, helping them reach greater heights. As hybrid working has entered the fore, and recruitment reopens en masse following the pandemic, it has even more opportunities to showcase its skills and garner even further accolades. Here we wish it all the best for the future as it wins Best Global Recruitment Private Equity Investors 2022. Contact: Tom Burkinshaw Company: Recruitment Entrepreneur Web: https://recruitmententrepreneur.com/