Q3 2022

40 | Q3 2022 Aug22509 Best Global Data Entry Outsourcing Company 2022 Data is one of the most important commodities in the world. The right analysis allows businesses to make decisions that generate better returns with significantly less investment. The first step along the road, however, is data entry, and this is the province of the award-winning team at Oworkers. In SME News’ Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022, the business was recognised for its tremendous triumph. We look more closely to uncover more. Sometimes, the workload of a specific project can threaten to overwhelm a business. To combat this, outsourcing has become more and more popular. Companies can essentially take on extra employees for the length of a project, certain in the knowledge that they will deliver to the highest standard. This sort of work is precisely what the team at Oworkers focus on, offering data entry outsourcing that goes above and beyond the competition. With years of experience behind them, Oworkers are masters of all matter relating to the data entry process. Whether it’s simple data entry processing or more complicated data enrichment, data categorization, data annotation, data validation, data conversion or content moderation processes, they have the know-how to get the job done quickly. Many businesses in the sector claim to be “jacks of all trade”, offering a holistic approach that looks over all aspects of a business. Oworkers proudly stands apart as a “master of one”. Outsourcing products means being able to take advantage of working alongside a large and diverse workforce, and Oworkers has a highly trained and scalable team able to deal with whatever comes their way. The team worked in many different countries, with offices in Madagascar, Bulgaria, Egypt, Hong Kong, the USA and, of course, in London. The nature of data entry means that it is possible to work with ease on this international level. The Oworkers team regularly communicate with clients in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Polish and Dutch, to name but a few of the 30 languages spoken. Finding talent that is able to work at the tremendous pace and incredible high standards of the Oworkers team is not easy. Often, when spaces fall open, they are filled by young people who have a strong background in the industry so they can hit the ground running. More often than not, it requires three years to ensure that quality remains consistent. Oworkers has gained ISO 27001 accreditation, as well as being GDPR compliant which gives incredible range not only in their skills, but in the reach of the company. Since opening their doors, the Oworkers team has always striven to be the very best that the industry can provide. Now, many years on, it can comfortably claim to be an internationally recognised industry leader, regularly in the top three when it comes to data entry services companies. The specialisation of the team has gone a long way to securing this and has generated remarkable truly impressive results. We cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: Oworkers Name: Stephane Guillemin Email: contact@oworkers.com Web Address: https://oworkers.com/