Q3 2022

Aug22341 Most Inclusive Minority Research Specialist Company 2022 ClearView is an audience insight and strategy agency co-founded in 2015 by Kenny Imafidon , Leonie Bellio and Burphy Zumu, who were passionate about ensuring more people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds were involved in research and shaping decisions that affect them. The ClearView vision is to exist in a world where communities that have been traditionally marginalised or underrepresented are equitably represented in research and have the power and agency to influence decision making. A leader in providing culturally-informed insights and recruiting from diverse populations, ClearView specialises in working on market and social research, evaluation, and engagement and strategy projects with children and young people, minority ethnic groups, culturally diverse communities, people living in vulnerable circumstances, people with protected characteristics, and those who often go unheard. It is committed to ensuring that its work is always inclusive and equitable, and that its communities’ voices are central in the materials (reports, frameworks, videos, and interventions) that it produces. Co-creation is also at the heart of the work that ClearView does, and it has expertise in coproducing projects with stakeholders with lived experience or knowledge of the research topic. Co-Founder and Managing Director for ClearView, Kenny Imafidon tells us, “We don’t shy away from the fact that we work best with organisations who give a damn – and want to make a genuine impact. Our clients and partners include philanthropic trusts, foundations, public sector bodies, corporates, as well as charities and social enterprises. 9 in 10 of our clients are secured through word of mouth. “We also have (and continue to) built trusted relationships with community leaders, organisations, and individuals from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds across the UK. These relationships are crucial to the success of our community engagement and project recruitment.” Underlying ClearView’s work are four foundational principles of Diversity, Accessibility, Reciprocity, and Equity (otherwise known as D.A.R.E), which act as its organisational pillars of accountability with regard to how it approaches all of its work. These are principles that not only its employees respect and live out, but communities and individuals appreciate as well. ClearView cares about diversity because it adds value and representation matters. It cares about accessibility because it believes that everyone should have equal access to engage in research and participate in its projects, and it is its duty to make this a reality. It believes in reciprocity and that people should be rewarded and recognised for their contributions and equity, which means it will provide tailored opportunities and prevent using exploitative practices. The staff at ClearView’s commitment to these principles, continuous improvement, and adaptability have been central to the company’s success. By having a staff team reflective of the communities it represents, combined with lived experience and technical expertise, they are able to provide the essential cultural nuances to data and insights that are often not captured. ClearView is an organisation that incorporates the ideology of all four company culture types referenced by The Competing Values Framework. It adopts elements of ‘Clan Culture’ by cultivating a friendly environment and safe space for employees to exist. Where the ‘Adhocracy Culture’ is concerned, it borrows the notion of forwardthinking, taking calculated risks and adapting to the ever-changing needs of the world it hopes to influence change in. It leans into ‘Market Culture’ and is an organisation that values performance, results, and achievement. It recognises the need for structure and stability within the organisation and this is in alignment with ‘Hierarchy Culture’. The need for well-defined policies and processes ensure it remains risk adverse. Alongside its work, the company is committed to giving back to society and putting its money where its mouth is. It gives at least 10% of its profits to causes it cares about, and last year gave over 20% of its profits to charities and causes. Since it started, ClearView has donated tens of thousands of pounds to charities and causes including 2020 Change, City Gateway, Strength With In Me (SWIM), Money A+E, My Brother’s Keeper – Prisoner Support Group, and the Amos Bursary, plus many more. It also partners with the Amos Bursary to offer four scholarships to young black students on their programme each year. It is committed to supporting selected individuals with financial grants for up to three years to furthur their personal and professional development. Additionally, it offers each CVR x Amos scholar a mentor and a life coach to support them during those three years. Now looking towards the future, ClearView plans to scale its impact and organisation. They are currently building their insights (market research) and innovation team – If you are looking for a new adventure, or keen to work on meaningful and exciting projects then please get in touch with ClearView. There is so much in the pipeline, so watch this space! Company: ClearView Research Contact: Chantel Lewis Email: chantel@clearviewresearch.co.uk Website: clearviewresearch.co.uk