Q3 2022

Jul22313 Let There Be Light! Good lighting can transform a property from darkened corners into a haven and home for all. Few know this better than the exemplary team behind the success that is Goodwin Lighting. Named Best LED Lamps & Luminaires Manufacturer - South East in SME News’ prestigious UK Enterprise Awards, we thought it high time we took a closer look at this luminary lights of the lighting industry. When we think of the impact that lighting has on our lives, we quickly realise it’s an area which we know far too little about. Fortunately, there are experts who have put years of work into uncovering the mysteries of this part of our lives. With new technologies transforming the way in which we live every aspect of our lives, it’s important to continually re-evaluate what technologies we use. Goodwin Lighting has made its name through constantly exploring the latest possibilities of the most sophisticated technologies. This top-selling lighting brand takes advantage of new ideas and untold potential. Far and away one of the most forward thinking businesses of its type, the team have excelled through their use of cutting-edge equipment to push the boundaries of what we see as good lighting. At the heart of what the team have to offer is a comprehensive series of bulbs which will suit almost any situation in a domestic setting. The team’s use of LEDs has proven to be invaluable in creating a bright, yet flexible product. LEDs bring numerous advantages to the table when compared with older systems, being more energy efficient and providing a light which is nice and clear for all. When we think about what the team has brought to the market, we can see it’s a vision which stands apart from the crowd. This is why it has proven to be so wildly successful within a highly populated industry. People have come to see Goodwin Lighting as a sign of incredible quality in every respect. Little wonder that the team were recognised by SME News for their immensely high standards. As the need for new solutions makes itself obvious, Goodwin Lighting finds itself at the forefront of a technological revolution. Their ideas have allowed many to implement the latest and greatest in lighting concepts. We celebrate the team’s immense success and look forward to what the future will bring. Company: Goodwin Lighting Name: Imran Cocker Email: info@goodwinlighting.co.uk