Q3 2022

48 | Q3 2022 Jul22326 Wondrous Watches Work Wonders! The Gurkha Watch was created with the intention of combining modern watch design with the traditional essence of the Gurkhas. With 2015 marking 200 years of Gurkha service to the Crown, and 2022 marking decades of Gurkhas’ service in peacekeeping operations around the world, there has been no better time to recognise their service. The team at Gurkha Watch don’t just sell precise watches, wound to perfection. They tell a story that stretches back over two centuries. The Gurkhas are globally known as The Bravest of the Brave, laughing at hardship, never complaining and able to face the toughest of conditions in the worst of wars. This watch celebrates and commemorates that long history of excellence in the military. When the Gurkha Watch team first introduced their range, it was a short-run limited edition line of Khukuri Cross Gurkha watches. Only 200 pieces were produced for sale, with the first edition securing a big-bang market penetration in the UK. The use of the crossed Khukuri logo on the watch is a symbol of bravery and the team’s unique selling point. Since the success of this first product, the team have been able to collaborate and expand their aspirations, working with many channels and organisations to build an impressive range of items. Today, watches are not just a way of telling the time, but a symbol of luxury too. As people look for items of quality, they look for items with stories to tell. Gurkha Watch products have a unique background, which is ideal for the purpose. The origin of the watches is entirely UK-based, with all business development works, marketing strategies, new models and new products designed through the head office in Aldershot. Such a strong background means that clients trust in the product to be of the highest quality at all times. The goodwill has only increased over the years, leading to an increase in the business’ turnover. The dynamic approach of the business has allowed them to respond to the needs of the market, but naturally the beating heart of the firm remains the commitment to quality that comes with producing an item so intimately connected with Nepalese culture. Looking forward, it’s clear that the future is bright for this intrepid team of timepiece pioneers. Their work has brought something unique to the market that is clear in high demand indeed. We celebrate the team’s enviable success and look forward to a bold path forward in years to come. Company: Gurkha Watch Ltd Name: Prasnat Thapa Email: info@gurkhawatch.com Web Address: www.gurkhawatch.com Every Gurkha Watch is a wonderful example of technological masterwork and ingenious mechanism that reflects over 200 years of bravery and valour. As an emblem designed to represent the lionhearted Gurkha soldiers who have fought in countless wars and peacekeeping missions, it is without parallel. Named Best Military Watch Brand 2022 in SME News’ UK Enterprise Awards, we take a closer look to see what makes the team behind these impressive timepieces tick.