Q3 2022

54 | Q3 2022 Aug22009 SEO Web Design Agency of the Year 2022 The SEO landscape is ever-changing. Convoluted and hard to keep up with, it can be difficult for brands to remain on top of their digital content, ensuring that everything is SEO-centric and streamlined. From meta descriptions to keywords, it can be difficult to know where to begin, especially for those who lack any training in the area. However, GLO, a full-service online digital marketing agency, can help you to achieve your SEO and lead generation goals through several bespoke digital marketing solutions, including website design and app development. Indeed, with GLO, businesses can depend on a group of exceptionally talented website design and digital marketing specialists to provide digital marketing services that elevate business whilst looking aesthetically pleasing. GLO’s services combine tried and tested marketing methods with bespoke factors. Consequently, every client receives a tailor-made service that perfectly fits their brand, echoing their unique tone and voice. Whilst GLO is perhaps best known for its website design solutions, it also offers email marketing automation, social media marketing, LinkedIn lead generation, and much more. Such services are carried out by a small team of highly dedicated professionals. The young team bursts with creativity and innovation, with team members stemming from the Colchester Institute, Falmouth University, and the University of Hertfordshire. As such, they are masters of their respective crafts, boasting impressive qualifications and a desire to continue learning and evolving. The GLO team work in tandem throughout every project – from the planning stages to project review – in order to reach the same objective: getting the client more leads. GLO’s website showcases multiple success stories, with projects ranging from Mercedes-Benz to The Loft Insulation Installers. One such project was for a company called Best Property Investments. In February 2021, Best Property Investments enrolled in GLO’s services, hoping to redesign their old website. Henceforth, the brief involved the creation of a multi-page, visually attractive online presence that would garner more organic search traffic and generate leads. This project, which is still ongoing, has provided Best Property Investments with an elegant, fully optimised website that features content rich with relevant keywords, an FAQ schema markup, and a blog page through which Best Property Investments’ team can share their expertise. Revolutionising website design, GLO has established itself as a key player within the industry, and therefore, it is certainly deserving of being named SEO Web Design Agency of the Year 2022. Contact: John Parnell Company: GLO - Generate Leads Online Web Address: https://generateleads.online/ Is your business’ website SEO optimised? If not, then you may well be missing out on dozens of new leads. GLO – Generate Leads Online is here to help; the digital marketing agency has worked with hundreds of companies, delivering bespoke, insights-driven digital marketing solutions to clients quickly and efficiently.