Q3 2022

Q3 2022 | 57 Best Emerging Security & FM Partner 2022 with a determination to succeed and a level of commitment that is truly unparalleled. If a client ever has any issues with its services, it cannot stress enough how much it will go above and beyond to make things right. For Lexnis Group, a job is not done until a client is truly happy, and so it doesn’t sell a service, it sells a skillset; able to transfer this to achieve a myriad of different goals and adapt to fit the requirements of all sorts of clientele – all in a way that is constantly growing and adapting – its skills involve management, delivery, resolution, and management. Crucially, the management team it has assembled has been the driving force behind this, boasting the most incredible reaction times on client tickets. Having accomplished the successful completion of many a challenging job, its listening, observation, evaluation, and delivery abilities are extraordinary. Thus, Lexnis Group has been achieving the goal of its company with flying colours, putting the customer back at the heart of the security industry, and ensuring that warehouse operators across the country can have the utmost faith that their operations are well safeguarded. With a fully skilled team, a deep dedication to growth and change, and an excitement for the future, it is proud to say that it had achieved its 3-year targets in 9 months, and looks forward to bringing in a number of additional products – including health and safety solutions – in the near future. Company: Lexnis Group Contact: Munhib Syed Website: lexnis.co.uk