Q3 2022

Mar22531 Warranty Wonders! In the crowded automotive sector, Twenty Twenty Warranty Ltd stands out for the diversity of clientele who turn to the team for their warranty and value-products needs. Of course, such success is a reflection of strong leadership in all respects. In SME News’ Managing Director of the Year Awards 2022, the firm’s leadership was celebrated with the award for Car Dealership MD of the Year 2022: Simon MiIler. We take a closer look at the firm to see why he was so justly recognised. When looking at the career of Simon Miller, it’s easy to see how he’s risen to the heights of an incredibly competitive industry. At the very heart of how he operates is a deep understanding of the automotive sector as a whole, and what it means to provide a premier service. His growth professionally is what has inspired Twenty Twenty Warranty, but it’s the journey of this growth that interests us most. “I started out selling cars in the early 90s for a Vauxhall main dealer,” Simon explains, “and spent three great years learning something new every day. I moved through the ranks at various dealers, becoming a sales manager business manager and group F&I manager. I was then approached by a supplier for of products to become a BDM for the south of the UK, and after a couple of years was promoted to regional manager.” The demand for Simon’s services reflect the enormous amount of hard work he puts into every project. It also reflects someone who had the ambition to continue growing and evolving, taking on bigger and better responsibilities. “A sales director role then followed,” he tells us. “After being with the last two suppliers, I realised I could do a better job and offer better products with a muchimproved experience for our partners. Twenty Twenty Warranty was borne out this desire.” Since opening its doors, Twenty Twenty Warranty has created policies that fit the needs of their clients, instead of bending their clients to fit them. Those who turn to Simon and his team range from small dealers selling from home to main dealers selling new and used vehicles. They trust Simon to find the package that is ideal for their customers’ needs. By offering excellent services levels to both dealers and policy holders, using a common-sense approach and not looking for loopholes, the business has grown impressively over the last few years. We asked Simon what he would say to someone else looking to rise to the top of a competitive industry. “Maybe don’t wait as long I did to take the plunge,” he says ruefully. “Believe in your ability to achieve your dream. Listen to your team, and remember that every day is a school day. Set you goals out from day one and stick to that plan.” With such impressive success behind him, Simon’s perspective is one which is invaluable. The future seems bright both for him and his business. “We are just back from our first road transport Expo and we are now offering Warranty products on vehicles from motorbikes to HGVs,” he tells us. “Our new B to C online platform is just going live warrantymycar.co.uk this means people can get a quote online for warranty and recovery on cars motorhomes and trucks.” With such exciting plans in the offing, we cannot wait to see what Simon and his intrepid team do next. Their honest and determined attitude is an inspiration to many. “I don’t believe in do as I say but follow my lead,” Simon admits. “Actions I take as a manager are always consultative and most definitely about creating an environment to encourage people to achieve.” Certainly, the legacy is Twenty Twenty Warranty is a business that will succeed no matter what. Company: Twenty Twenty Warranty Ltd Name: Simon Miller Email: simon@2020warranty.co.uk Web Address: www.2020warranty.co.uk