Q3 2023

SME News Q3 2023 | 22 Ei4Change is a highly specialised training, personal development, and coaching organisation with expertise in emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and neuroscience. It offers an extensive selection of accredited online courses, providing clients with the opportunity to unlock their full potential and excel both personally and professionally. For its continued excellence, the company has been awarded Best Emotional Intelligence Training Provider, UK, in the Business Elite Awards 2023. Commonly, people maintain the belief that emotional intelligence is all about being kind and nice while suppressing the unpleasant emotions that can lead to negative reactions or behaviours. In reality, it is about being able to understand, manage, and express your emotions appropriately. It involves working with your emotions as they surface and using available emotional data to make better decisions and build authentic relationships. Some people may also believe that emotional intelligence is all about common sense. This is true to a certain extent, but common sense is not as common as people think. Ei4Change, meaning Emotional Intelligence for Change, believes that emotional intelligence is one of the hardest skillsets to train people in and that, given its importance, it should be widely considered a power skill rather than a soft skill. Ei4Change is committed to furthering the understanding and development of emotional intelligence in people across the world. For this reason, it has developed the most comprehensive range of emotional intelligence online courses available on the internet, covering topics that include leadership, teamwork, conflict management, resilience, communication, collaboration, stress management, mindfulness, critical thinking, and decision making. Ei4Change’s 35 courses are all filmed in 1080p HD. They have crisp, high-quality audio along with captions for those who need them. All documents can be completed online and are ADA / Section 508 compliant for people with visual impairments. Furthermore, all quizzes are interactive, making them fun and engaging. These courses have been taken by more than 400,000 learners across over 200 countries. Ei4Change is also proud to host live workshops, which have taken place across Europe, the Middle East (Dubai and Saudi Arabia), India, Africa, and the USA. Through a blend of live and online workshops and coaching, Ei4Change offers tailored learning, aiming to create positive change for individuals, teams, and organisations. It focuses on developing people by empowering them to make appropriate decisions. This is essential for fostering the most positive and productive organisational culture possible, creating a more engaged and successful workplace. Over the years, Ei4Change has worked with people at all levels of business, helping them to enhance their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to drive improved performance both inside and outside of work. As a result of its excellent resources, Ei4Change has become known as the established expert on emotional intelligence. Through its books, podcasts, and courses, it delivers a wealth of knowledge, fostering emotional intelligence in people at all stages of their career. Since its establishment, Ei4Change has worked to maintain the highest of standards, striving to always do its absolute best. However, the company is aware that it is impossible to always meet everyone’s expectations in a timely manner. It understands the inevitability of mistakes and sees them as an opportunity for learning, growth, and improvement. “As long as what we produce is fit for purpose, we can go back and change it and make it better,” explains Robin Hills, CEO at Ei4Change. “The first course that we completed in the summer of 2014 has been completely revised and recorded. It no longer exists in its original format and has become a bestseller.” In recent years, online learning has increased in popularity, having taken off during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ei4Change believes that, prior to this, people didn’t really understand it, so it wasn’t seen as something that could serve as the sole basis of a business. At networking events, Robin found that people were unable to accept or appreciate the services offered by his company. “As soon as lockdown occurred across the world, online learning suddenly became a way to develop skills and learn new ones. Ei4Change’s business increased by 600% overnight,” Robin shares. “The challenge we had was to maintain and grow this. Fortunately, we were able to continue to support our online courses and had the capability to develop new ones. This meant that we didn’t have to spend the first few months of the pandemic transferring our work to online delivery.” In 2024 and beyond, Ei4Change plans to continue its focus on delivering online training and skill development, with new courses in the pipeline. In the last few months, it is proud to have had three of its courses translated and published in traditional Chinese. This is an exciting opportunity to expand into an untapped market. Currently, the company is in discussions about the translation and publication of three more of its courses. Moreover, Ei4Change has recently launched a digital magazine titled ‘ei-matters’, an online publication that shares news, views, articles, and more, related to the topic of emotional intelligence. With a global reach, it has attracted a lot of attention, providing readers with a greater insight into the power of emotional intelligence. With this information, they can learn how to develop the skills they need to better manage their work with emotions, make more effective decisions, and build authentic relationships. On top of this, ei-matters features a range of free podcasts, covering the topics associated Accredited Online Courses in Emotional Intelligence