Q4 2019

13 | Q4 2019 Aug19412 Soothing Scottish Therapy Firm Health and wellbeing are very important for the complete relaxation of the mind, body and soul. Athena Therapies & Holistics Academy, as 2019’s ‘Leading Health and Massage Centre’ offer a wide variety of therapies, massages, activities and workshops to truly bring clients into a blissful and harmonious balance. Founded by Una Chrystal in 2010, Athena Therapies has since developed to become an award-winning academy, inviting well-known speakers and presenters to host workshops and talks, whilst passing on knowledge and developing people. Offering a complete, holistic package, health and wellbeing services are available seven days a week from a team of highly-trained therapists. For the more spiritually- inclined clients, there is also a dedicated team of gifted psychics, tarot readers and spiritualist mediums on hand to offer private readings throughout the week. Specialising in remedial treatments to alleviate pain and relieve ailments, Athena Therapies truly is a one- stop-shop for the mind, body and soul. Massages and therapies can help deal with back pain, sports injuries, frozen shoulders, stiff necks and much more. Each of the treatments can help with pain relief, or simply to just unwind, destress, relax and chill out. The range of treatments include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, hot stones, aromatherapy, Thai foot massages and many others all designed for maximum comfort. Mediums who work with Athena Therapies also offer a selection of classes, workshops and clinics at advanced, intermediate or beginner levels. Psychic development classes, reiki degree courses, and tarot courses for absolute beginners each offer a fascinating glimpse into the world of spiritualism, drawing on the energy of the universe to develop self-healing through traditional usui reiki methods. Psychic clinics are open daily for clairvoyant readings, and offer sincere, professional advice. Relaxation of the body, mind and soul is of increasing importance as the world gets more frenetic and busier with every day. Athena Therapies offer peaceful escapes with calming massages and therapies all designed to wash cares away and leave clients feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world once again. Company: Athena Therapies Contact: Una Chrystal Website: https://www.athenatherapies.co.uk/

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