Q4 2019

17 | Q4 2019 service to healthcare professionals, who can truly say how many people this outstanding firm has helped? Contact: Chris and Karene Lambert-Gorwyn Website: http://6figurepractitioner.com/networking/ Oct19293 Empowering Profit Into Passion Everybody has aspirations, whether they be to win the lottery and never have to work again, or to spend the rest of their lives working in a role that they are truly passionate about. Helping the latter realise their potential to take it to the next level, Heart Centred Business are the recipients of the Award for Excellence in Practitioner Business Training for 2019. Following their award-winning success, we caught up with founders Chris and Karene Lambert- Gorwyn to learn more about their firm’s work. With more than eighty years’ combined business experience across the management team, Heart Centred Business is focused on helping firms establish themselves and build a six-figure business that owners can be proud of. Healthcare professionals, coaches, consultants, and professionals of all areas of expertise often find themselves untrained in how to create a powerful and engaging business that is centred around their skillsets. However, Chris and Karene have unlocked those secrets, and are now training healthcare professionals in the ways of creating a successful business. As part of Heart Centred Business, the firm offers Passion to Profit for Practitioners, a programme to encourage growth and success in building a business that owners can be truly passionate about. Having personally trained more than 2,500 business owners, Chris and Karene talk us through the training that they offer, beginning with an explanation of exactly what Passion to Profit for Practitioners is. “We help our clients set up their business effectively, so they can work with the clients they want to work with, whilst earning the money and enjoying the lifestyle that they want to have. We teach our clients Attraction Marketing, which means having more of your ideal clients come to you, and we follow the same system ourselves. Our clients typically increase their income by £50,000-£100,000 within 12 months.” The pair have been hugely successful prior to the founding of Heart Centred Business as well, with Karene having worked internationally in corporate sectors and investment property, with Chris having spent two decades running a specialist back pain clinic. “Our entire business model is based on getting great clients by giving away great training and business support that will move peoples business forward. Once experts realise we have real world experience and only teach what works rather than what’s popular, they typically rush to engage with the step by step system for achieving 6 and 7 figure success that we provide in our award winning business training Passion to Profit for Practitioners.” Chris and Karene have not just cultivated success for themselves, but for their clients who have a genuine drive and passion to create a business that helps people. By delivering such excellent

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