Q4 2019

18 | Q4 2019 We all want to get the most out of our money, but complex systems can complicate what many would hope is a simple process. As one of the fastest growing foreign exchange specialists, with a team of over 40 years’ experience, Currencies 4 You helps its clients to achieve just that. We profiled this business to find out more. Established in 2009, Currencies 4 You is a Global Payment Institution, transferring its clients’ money internationally. Bought about because its owners realised that clients were being charged extortionately with currency transfers, this 10-year-old business has brushed aside the middlemen and set buyers and sellers directly against each other in order to have a competitive price on their foreign exchange. Currencies 4 You serves a broad spectrum of clients, from private customers transferring money overseas for their new life in the sun or investment in high-value goods, to big businesses with their overseas payroll or money transfers. These can be regular international payments, whether it’s a one-off interaction or regular pension transfers internationally. With their free online platform and transparent exchange rates, this company offers a service that’s a little different to any other. Specialising in helping clients to mitigate their exposure against the volatility in the currency exchange for both private and corporate clients, Currencies 4 You want to help its customers achieve the best possible rates. Currently, Currencies 4 You is a full FCA authorised payment provider, priding itself on providing a bespoke service that changes to suit its incredible range of clients. Therefore, the group tries to mitigate the fluctuations within the market, in order to reduce risk and encourage more spending. Since their inception, Currencies 4 You has saved clients thousands of pounds every month, making a huge impact on the market. The team at Currencies 4 You are incredibly flexible offering a range of contracts that allow for money to be sent on the day it’s requested. Thanks to superb customer service, clients are guided through the process by a personal relationship manager. This makes the process seamless and easy. With the aim to build a close relationship, and maintain an excellent Achieving The Best Possible Rates Nov19232 reputation for customer service, Currencies 4 You tries to understand its clients as well as possible in order to serve them better. Although they are based in Dartford, in the UK, Currencies 4 You has international offices in the UK, Portugal and Spain. Developing these offices is an important part of the growth of this business, with the development of these teams critical to continue expansion. This reflects the success of the company, and the notoriety it has gained amongst those in other countries. Building up a trust with clients is crucial in an industry, especially when large sums of money are involved that could make or break a business or individual. Currencies 4 You understand the high expectations, and comply with the European Money Laundering Direction, the UK Money Laundering Regulations and various guidelines set out for criteria for compliance. Additionally, the company as a whole is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, whose standards it exceeds in the three areas it assesses. These are Capital Adequacy, Client Protection and Robust Internal Risk Management, each an important aspect of financial caretaking which is carefully audited on a regular basis to ensure transparency and trust for all parties. Running for over a decade, Currencies 4 You makes life easier for those wanting to transfer their money into foreign exchange. With the aim of providing excellent service and keeping the market as stable as possible, this business manages to succeed on all fronts. It’s no surprise that they are continually growing as an enterprise, with great plans for expansion ahead. The natural result of providing a service that customers want, Currencies 4 You has proven to be a tremendous success. Contact: Manish Gokani Company: Currencies 4 You Web Address: www.currencies4you.com Telephone: 01322 319550

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