Q4 2019

19 | Q4 2019 Oct19400 Running a business is never easy. There are so many elements to consider, and keeping on top of them all can sometimes feel overwhelming. It is times like those where business owners can really benefit from companies such as D52 – Business Toolkit. For those times where the stresses of running a business can become too much, this firm give business owners a safe and non-threatening space to discuss their concerns. Discover how they have become the business consultancy of the year in Dorset as we profile the firm. There can be no denying the fact that running a business can cause all manner of stress. From making decisions about employees’ futures, to operational dilemmas, and the best way to execute growth plans, leadership is hard work. Founded in 2013, D52ltd was formed with the mission of giving business owners a place to talk about those decisions, and help take some of the weight off of one person’s shoulders. At the heart of the firm’s mission is the constant support and encouragement for business owners to remain accountable for their actions to someone who understands business principles, enabling them to prioritise their to-do list, and not feel overwhelmed. By working alongside the team at D52ltd, business owners can plot a trajectory and roadmap that not only feels right, but offers reasoned judgment to bring structure, direction, purpose and profitability back to a business. Offering a Business Toolkit to help any client get back on their feet and achieving incredible goals, D52ltd bring a myriad of business solutions and aids to the table. From safe, impartial and honest guidance, to business-focused trouble-shooting, to diagnosis and strategic planning, there is seemingly nothing that the firm cannot help with. Thanks to more than thirty years’ experience at the head of the firm, this business toolkit has all the necessary tools to continue succeeding. Championed by Dawn Crossingham, D52ltd work with SMEs throughout the United Kingdom who can benefit from their services either through face-to-face or online communication. An award- winning, qualified and experienced business advisor, Dawn brings her razor-sharp focus to The Business Whisperer – Dorset Consultancy Secure Client Success helping businesses create a vision, purpose and actionable strategy to enhance growth and drive success. Surrounded by a team of personable staff, Dawn embodies the firm’s ethos of trust, honesty, and transparency. Sometimes, businesses can really benefit from someone taking a step back and examining it from the outside. That’s exactly what Dawn and the team at D52ltd do extremely well. Delivering masterclasses in how to strategically plan, market and effectively keep a business successful, Dawn’s down-to-earth attitude and enthusiasm for seeing her clients achieve great things is clear to see. Contact: Dawn Crossingham Telephone: 01305 858273 Contact Email: office@D52ltd.com Website: www.d52ltd.com

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