Q4 2019

21 | Q4 2019 Oct19177 Best Energy Management Services Provider 2019 Run by CEO Scott Williams, GEM ENERGY – For Business Group has been a great success. Proud of the individual service that he can offer to clients, we caught up with Scott to find out more. GEM ENERGY - For Business Group offer comprehensive energy data reviews and alignment service that puts the consumer in control. This is done by giving them complete knowledge of their energy infrastructure once our data review has been complete and also giving them complete transparency from start to finish. Scott explains that ‘the problem within the UK energy sector is that most consultancies or operators nationally do not fully understand the concept of an energy supply portfolio from onset through to completion.’ He goes on to explain that “any energy supply around the globe has three main categories which are Generation, Transmission and Distribution. Throughout these transitions there are many additional costs within any supply agreement that can be broken down in many different formats, which in return can be very confusing and costly.” The aim of GEM ENERGY – For Business Group is to find these gaps in the system where money seems almost to disappear and manipulate the transitions in favour of the client. GEM ENERGY – For Business Group prides themselves on their transparency, organisation and full notification services always through the data review process. Scott is keen on “giving something back to our loyal customers who renew their supply agreements with us time and time again. This reward is a 10% payment of contract value to say a big thank you to our customers”. It’s a nice gesture that demonstrates how much Scott values his clients. Appropriately, he places a high value on customer services, believing he offers the best customer service levels anywhere in the UK, with a response time to any issue being immediate. “Everything is dropped until it is resolved, that is our ethos at all times” says Scott. Putting his talent for customer service with his industry knowledge, acquisition pricing and complimentary energy data review processes, and it’d be clear why Scott’s business has been such a success. Ultimately, however, it’s his attitude to the job that sets him apart. He and his team are always ‘searching the globe for the most economical pricing to pass on to our customers, which is always evolving to be better at all times, striving for excellence.’ The commitment to further improvement is typical of Scott, who says that the ultimate mission of GEM ENERGY – For Business Group is to “keep improving on what we do. No matter how good you become, you can always be better in any aspect of life.” Looking forward, the future looks bright for Scott and his team. “Off the back of our success we are launching our new sister company - UK Commerce Exchange. This is a business price comparison website to reduce all business operating costs. The UK Commerce Exchange also offers business telecoms, broadband and business insurance packages that are totally focused on reducing business operating costs across the board.” This new development is entirely in keeping with Scott’s aim for the business. The aim is to leverage the many connections he has made in the industry and cut costs as he does with sister company GEM ENERGY – For Business Group. UK Commerce Exchange does more than just compare businesses. With your account, you have the ability to track what you’ve saved and keep operating costs to a minimum. Things are looking exciting for GEM ENERGY – For Business Group. The new opportunities presented by Scott’s new venture proves that there is plenty of space in the market for a price comparison site, especially one so tailored to the intricacies of the energy industry. Committed to elevating business experience for its clients across the UK by cutting operational costs, both GEM ENERGY – For Business Group and UK Commerce Exchange offer something a little different to an industry steeped in mystery. Company: GEM ENERGY – For Business Group Contact: Scott Williams | Chief Executive Officer Telephone: 01207664311 Email: admin@gemenergyforbusiness.com Website: www.gemenergyforbusiness.com Company: UK Commerce Exchange Telephone: 01207664325 Email: admin@ukcommerceexchange.com Website: www.ukcommerceexchange.co.uk

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