Q4 2019

24 | Q4 2019 Everybody loves pay day. Arguably one of the most popular working days of the month amongst employees, ensuring that a company has the best payroll software available is imperative. For more than twenty years, Merit Software have been passionate about delivering the most outstanding recruitment and umbrella payroll software solutions across all of Wales. As 2019 sees them achieve that goal once more, we profile the firm to learn more about their success. Software solutions often require the most innovative and up-to-date technology, which is consistently what Merit Software bring to the table. Having pioneered the umbrella software market, the firm has continued to build on its success with recruitment agency payroll software solutions that are designed to drastically cut down administration time through process automation. Each piece of software is designed to be scalable, meaning it is ideal for any client, be they a new start-up, or global organisation. Working with a client base that includes industries such as healthcare, finance, construction, and education, these software solutions are serving professionals across the world. Working in such a fast-paced industry where legislative changes occur regularly, the team at Merit Software work hard to ensure that their work ensures clients remain compliant with international guidelines. The firm’s payroll software is compliant with the EU’s GDPR, and can save clients countless hours of manpower by streamlining tedious and time-consuming processes. In the years since the firm was founded, it has seen a number of firsts. Merit Software was the first company to release a working solution for the anti-avoidance tax legislation, IR35. The firm was also responsible for developing the first full API connection for pensions auto-enrolment, which is highly adaptable and gives the firm a keen competitive edge over competing systems. At the heart of all the firm’s accolades and success remains the desire to care for it clients. At a time where other companies contract support and development out to third parties or other countries, Merit Software have continued to invest heavily on internal development, ensuring that every employee has an understanding of client needs and how to satisfy them. Hiring great people has helped establish a culture of care, and the teams travel around the UK ensuring that clients can use the software from the get-go and endeavouring to make them feel cared for. Merit Where Merit Is Due The future is bright for Merit Software, with the backing of the Welsh government and attracting strong talent to West Wales. As the firm continue to grow by launching new products and entering new markets, the culture of care that the firm put into their Nov19164 payroll software and so expertly demonstrate, will hopefully permeate more areas of society. Contact: Sam Radion Website: www.meritsoftware.co.uk

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