Q4 2019

26 | Success Stories 2019 Oct19252 Smart Meter Revolution Smart meters will revolutionise how we handle energy. More efficient, and with the capability to communicate information regarding energy usage, it’s clear that this line of thinking is the future. Anticipating these changes and making the most of the situation, Generis is leading the way in developing software and services that leverage advances in meter technology development. We profiled them to find out more. Established in 1995 by four former British Gas managers, Generis Technology Ltd has gone from strength to strength. Now a fully owned subsidiary of Landis+Gyr, this Manchester-based company supplies three of the Big Six energy companies providing solutions and consultancy in Industry Process Management, Meter Asset Management and Market Messaging. Still exploring exciting new areas for growing the business, Generis’ plans for the future are directed at helping customers manage energy better. Focused on customers, Generis enjoys long- standing relationships that build up over years of trading. The result is a company that delivers a service as a partner, not as a supplier. This is achieved by setting clear expectations at the start of the project. Focus and commitment are guaranteed from the team on both sides allowing projects to move swiftly and with purpose. Generis has a 100% success rate on project delivery. This rate of success, with the trust earned through the delivery stage, often leads to clients requesting further development of bespoke software for the benefit of their customers. This record reflects incredibly well on the hard- working staff of Generis, which encourages an atmosphere of hard work and commitment. With a casual dress code and flexible working hours, the relaxed atmosphere is augmented with loyalty and clear expectations. Generis employees are absolutely clear about company goals and what is expected of them. The company prides itself on being open about its business goals and holds regular updates for staff. At a recent event for an EMEA Town Hall briefing, all employees were given a clear understanding of The Group’s strategy and priorities so as to communicate this better to attendees. Currently, Generis is looking to expand into new markets for its products. This is in the context of the government’s programme regarding supply and installation of 53 million SMETS2 smart meters and the need to develop technology to complement it. The number of SMETS1 and SMETS2 meters being enrolled into the DCC means that there is a growing market for developing methods to use smart meters in different ways. Once in place, being able to utilise the data on smart meters will be paramount to energy companies in helping their customers to manage their energy better. It can also see huge potential for the area of central or system-based pre-payment metering in 2020 to complement the government’s smart meter programme. Generis can foresee a broader scale application for the technology in areas not traditionally associated with prepayment metering which they hope can help vulnerable and elderly customers amongst others. The technology already works effectively in other sectors, meaning solutions can be easily adapted to support the specific requirements of other markets. At Generis Technology, the launch of our B-Smart SMKI (Smart Metering Key Infrastructure) Service complements the SMETS2 installation process, enabling a more efficient route from factory to wall and ensuring less customer and consumer disruption at this crucial time. This service is offered on behalf of Landis+Gyr, with Generis acting as a single point of contact to capture reporting of any specific SMKI process related issues/queries between Landis+Gyr and its customers. There’s a great deal of potential in the energy industry to create something special, and by remaining dedicatedly client focused, Generis have managed to achieve just that. Not content with reacting to a situation, Generis have seen the need for something new and are taking the initiative to make the most of the evolving landscape. No doubt other companies will soon see the potential of the opportunities that smart meter technology represents, and Generis will be well-placed to help them. Contact: Dave Rice Company: Generis Technology Website: www.generis.co.uk Telephone: 0161 493 4388

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