Q4 2019

Q4 2019 | 3 Contents A note from the Editor... Welcome to the Q4 edition of SME News Magazine, your source for the latest news, announcements and features about up-and- coming enterprises across the UK. SME News has had a surprisingly busy couple of months. For instance, about a month ago, we sponsored the inaugural 2019 Better Business Expo in Derby. It was truly fantastic to be able to meet and talk to small business owners from across the Midlands and discover more about how they are adapting and growing in this competitive region. Despite notable uncertainty, there was no end to the up-and- coming businesses who were securing success regardless of challenges. Much like our features and inclusions for this issue. (Bonus points for smooth-ish segue?) Genius Marketing, our front cover for this edition, has swiftly gathered a burgeoning client base through its creative and compelling services. Marketing companies are seemingly everywhere these days, all promising ‘best in class’ solutions to a whole host of prevalent problems. For SMEs it can be difficult to figure out how a marketing firm can benefit their operations. Genius Marketing dispels concerns in an instant with actionable, achievable and effective brand solutions for SMEs, regardless of where they are on their ‘business journey’. We profiled the firm to find out more. And that’s just the beginning of the issue, with many more innovative companies inside. But, for now, I hope you have a wonderful beginning to the new decade. See you next time in our Q1 edition in 2020! Laura Brookes | Editor +44 (0) 20 3970 0082 l.brookes@aiglobalmedialtd.com 4. News 7. Creating Compelling Content 8. Balanced Business Yoga Breaks Stigma 9. Providing a Better Way 10. The Citax Group Best Energy Sector Investments Company 2019 13. Soothing Scottish Therapy Firm 14. Simple ways that every SME can reduce the risk of litigation from disputes 17. Empowering Profit Into Passion 18. Achieving The Best Possible Rates 19. The Business Whisperer – Dorset Consultancy Secure Client Success 21. GEM Energy Best Energy Management Services Provider 2019 22. The rise of Britain’s creative industries 24. Merit Where Merit Is Due Success Stories 26. Smart Meter Revolution 27. Aurora’s Story of Success 28. Small Businesses Encouraged to Invest in Innovation 29. How To Enhance Your SMEs Bottom Line 30. BGF Invests Further £11m Into Molson 31. Winners’ Listings

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