Q4 2019

31 | Q4 2019 Business Elite 2019 Best Luxury Linen Company of the Year, 2019 Woods of Harrogate Most Outstanding Wedding Fair Organiser, 2019 - Norfolk MJR Events Local Recruitment Firm of the Year, 2019 Kiwi Recruitment Leading Specialists in Workplace Wellness, 2019 The Mind Tribe 2019’s Best Environmental Management Consultancy Envertis Sustainability Consultants 2019’s Best Kombucha Brand of the Year Real Kombucha Award for Excellence in Life Coaching & Healing, 2019 A1 Vital Recognised Leaders in Skincare Product Production, 2019 - Kent Chulo Naturals Most Outstanding KBB Recruitment Specialists 2020 - UK Oval Deene Leading Specialists in Client Retention Training, 2019 ETUK Empire Training Vertical Panel Saws Provider of the Year, 2019 - UK Sagetech Machinery LTD Most Outstanding Dog Day-care Centre of the Year, 2020 - Cumbria Taylormade Petcare

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