Q4 2019

7 | Q4 2019 Oct19584 Creating Compelling Content In a world that is clamouring for the attention of customers, creative and compelling marketing has become a sought-after commodity. Companies want a firm that can tell stories, evoke strong emotions, and inspire customers to buy their products. Enter Genius Marketing, SME News’ Most Outstanding Brand Marketing Agency for 2019 in the UK. Discover what makes them brilliant at what they do as we profile the firm. Storytelling is a fine art, delicately balancing a powerful message alongside a colourful cast of characters that bring it to life. For SMEs across the country, many of them are trying to share their own story with a product at the heart of it and a team that are on hand to help. Alas, sometimes those stories can fall short of expressing exactly what the firm want to, and getting customers through the door. They need worry no more. Genius Marketing help clients tell a coherent and compelling story to their prospective customers that help them decide to buy from that company. Whether it be in the form of ads, websites, or brand marketing assets, these master storytellers can help convey the right message. Helping transform brands and businesses into bigger and better versions of themselves, Genius Marketing exemplifies creativity at its finest. The firm leverage verbal and visual language in captivating and gripping ways, creating content that customers can relate to. A place where great ideas are given oxygen, and fanned from flame to roaring fire, this agency is a veritable cornucopia of strategy, conceptual thinking, and compelling storytelling. Genius Marketing work in a number of ways to help a business create that perfect content they are looking for. By understanding exactly what customers want, the agency can generate brand research and strategies to help clients become the brand that customers want. The team can also help with brand identity and development, whether fresh or redeveloped existing ones. Focusing on the story, personality and values of the business before anything else is the key to success for clients. Once the team understand what a client’s customer base wants, the process of creating truly interesting, intelligent and creative ways to deliver that message begins. But for Genius Marketing, they know that the key to great brand marketing lies in infusing the brand throughout a company. So, they encourage clients to live and breathe their ethos every day, authentically representing what their brand stands for. The high-energy and positive culture instilled within the firm attracts like-minded souls, as both team members and clients. Working with ambitious and growth-focused businesses and medium-sized enterprises, Genius Marketing are encouraged to do their best work in an environment that mirrors their own ethos. Delivering undeniably compelling content and helping drive sales across the country, perhaps the firm’s best story to date is their own. Company: Genius Marketing Contact: Emma Humphrey Website: wearegenius.co.uk

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