Q4 2019

8 | Q4 2019 Sep19062 Balanced Business Yoga Breaks Stigma Business and corporate worlds often move at a frenetic pace nowadays, and it is increasingly important for people to slow down and take a deep breath. Since the firm’s formation, Yogic Frog has offered ongoing mental and physical health support through yoga and mindfulness for businesses and individuals alike. Utilising the ancient practices of yoga and mindfulness, Yogic Frog works with all manner of clients through conferences, workshops, classes and one-to-one coaching. Having expanded its partner network, the company also offers extrasensory perception, cognitive behaviour therapy, and nutrition services. Delivered at places of business, gyms, schools or other recreational spaces, the sessions are designed from the ground up to be easy to follow and – perhaps more importantly – easy to practice at home. Corporately, Yogic Frog is serving clients including Rolls-Royce and SNC Lavalin. Working with business leaders, HR departments, and wellbeing committees, the team at Yogic Frog strives to understand the underlying issues and pressures facing teams today. After identifying the needs that have to be met, the staff then design a session or course that can meet those needs with impactful positive results for employees. Various classes and workshops cover a wide variety of aspects of yoga. From understanding posture and energising the core, to building strength and supporting flexibility, to restoring natural wellbeing and relieving stress, there is no shortage of areas in which Anna and her team can help maintain wellness. Yogic Frog does not employ people directly, but rather Anna partners with a number of specialists who come on board as and when the client needs them to. These specialists work in a multitude of areas all designed to enhance the wellness service that the company offers, including therapy, nutritional services and extrasensory perception services. Founded by Anna Kelynack-Boddy, Yogic Frog draws on her years of experience from working with different companies across the world. As a qualified yoga teacher, Anna continuously seeks to explore and learn more, cultivating collaborative partnerships to support her work. Yogic Frog conducts its wellbeing services in all areas of education and employment from pre- school through to businesses, and private one-two- one clients. With additional training in yoga for kids and teenagers, Anna approaches schools with the information and statistics around mental and physical health issues in children. There are undoubtedly still stigmas that exists surrounding yoga, primarily that it is for women, bendy people, or not for people who do sports. However, thanks to the work done by mental health charities and the NHS on alternative therapies, these stigmas are being broken down and Yogic Frog is on hand to deliver quality wellbeing and mindfulness services. Looking to the future, Anna and Yogic Frog are looking to support clients with online and one-to- one coaching, using the latest technology and face- to-face setups. Clients can benefit from support at all times of the day at an affordable cost. Anna is also exploring organisational mindfulness sessions that individuals can run within their own teams, which would first be designed and taught by herself. Ultimately, the work of Anna and her network of trusted delivery partners with Yogic Frog is key to helping corporate businesspeople be mindful and calm during their stressful work days. Yoga and mindfulness is a growing area of interest for businesses as they look away from absenteeism as the only measure of their employee’s wellbeing. Through calmness and tranquillity offered by the ancient practice of yoga, businesses can get the very best out of their workforce. Company: Yogic Frog Contact: Anna Kelynack-Boddy Website: http://www.yogicfrog.com/

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