Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 22 Forging Strong Connections Through Team Building The Together Collective began with the mission to help teams create memories and bring them together during the pandemic. Today, the company offers virtual, hybrid, and in-person experiences that engage, entertain, and connect people. Its team experiences are designed to build genuine connections and foster a positive company culture. With a wealth of activities and entertainment to choose from, every business is certain to find a unique experience to suit their needs. The Together Collective has received our award for this year’s Most Trusted Corporate Events Planning Company. Established in 2020, The Together Collective was created to bring joy and forge connections with people during the first national lockdown. With virtual experiences specifically designed for remote-based teams, it delivers team building activities and entertainment to bring people together. The Together Collective has over 80 handpicked activities hosted by its associates of independent specialists and small businesses. The core team consists of four members who work across every aspect of the company. Their core values of agility, connection, excellence, and teamwork have established the business as an innovator in the industry and built a loyal client base. Since its inception, The Together Collective has expanded its portfolio to include hybrid and in-person experiences. It primarily works with corporate companies, providing mobile experiences for occasions such as team building, client entertainment, team wellbeing, and away days. Examples of the experiences include collaborative painting, workshops, candle making, detective challenges, LEGO workshops, and drag bingo, to name a few. All experiences are mobile and can be hosted wherever suitable to the client. In 2023, The Together Collective launched a new arm to the business, ‘Away Days Together’. If looking for a team away day, clients can choose the perfect setting from The Together Collective’s partner venues and engage in one of its activities alongside their team meetings. The Together Collective can also provide all the optional addons include catering, drinks, and corporate gifting. Building a relationship with its clients is very important to The Together Collective, and it is humbled to see clients frequently returning for different experiences. Its curated seasonal calendar ensures that experiences are consistently refreshed with activities perfect for all corporate celebrations including key moments such as Pride, Black History Month, and International Women’s Day. The company is dedicated to providing many different packages that cater to varying budgets at extremely competitive rates. The team has fostered a healthy, collaborative relationship and is committed to ensuring every voice within the company is heard. Team meetings and one-on-one reviews between the founder and employees give individuals the opportunity for personal development and to discuss future goals. Within a smaller business, all individuals’ contributions are essential for the company’s continued innovation. The Together Collective will soon launch a new host of experiences including puppy yoga and therapy, men’s mental health talks, LGBTQ+ history and educational talks, and non-alcoholic cocktail making classes. Looking to the future, the company is passionate about delivering its wide variety of activities and experiences to more UK-based and global clients. The Together Collective has remained steadfast in its core values which have taken the business from strength to strength to grow a dedicated client base. With its high-quality experiences and entertainment, The Together Collective will continue to build team connections and nurture positive company cultures for years to come. For its unforgettable group experiences, The Together Collective has received our award for this year’s Most Trusted Corporate Events Planning Company. Contact: Kate Healy Company: The Together Collective Web Address: www.thetogethercollective.com