Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 26 Moving Over to the Fast Lane of Recruitment Nexus Search is on a mission to redefine the world of leadership recruitment, acting as a dedicated support partner to its clients, empowering them over the course of their executive search to create a meaningful impact with those they hire. Founded on the firm belief that there is always a better way, Best Automotive Recruitment Specialists 2023 – UK awardee Nexus Search superbly combines modern headhunting techniques, specialist expertise in its chosen sectors, and a high-powered network, with these key elements cementing the company’s unique ability to source and connect world-class talent with leading employers in a manner that is swift and efficient. This is particularly apparent across its dealings with the automotive industry, where a sector that is highly competitive and complex is navigated with style and ease. London’s Nexus Search was launched off the back of a shared passion, with its directors possessing a like-minded interest in delivering leading talents to clients, all while upholding the same quality that is necessary in nurturing success. After witnessing a substantial amount of their search partners losing sight in what is truly important to customers and instead favouring only their own growth goals, they set about building a company where things could be done differently. To this end, from associates through to directors, every member of the Nexus family embodies the same dedication and remains steadfast in their immersion of day-to-day recruitment. The company’s primary intention is to collaborate closely with a small number of the most exciting client businesses in the market today and carve out a reputation as the agile hiring partner of choice. Through the blending of an expert skill set and a niche model when it comes to client partnership, the company’s unrivalled ability to develop outstanding consultants ensures that any service provided by the firm is better and quicker than the competition. Although the firm is only a little over three years old, it has already cemented itself at the forefront of the UK’s recruitment scene and is trusted by top companies across its dual areas of expertise, automotive and consumer goods. All of this success stems from a simple fivepoint process carried out over approximately 6-10 weeks, which guarantees success each and every time. This all begins with a brief, whereby the team will combine its knowledge of the sector with all of the information it will garner about a client’s business, thus building a brief that goes above and beyond, factoring in personal attributes and keenly adhering to a demand for diversity while ensuring that a succinct cultural fit is achieved. From here, Nexus scours its network, engaging with active and leading candidates in the market that are sure to exceed expectations. Three rounds of screening interviews later, clients are presented with an effective shortlist comprised of five candidates, meaning that only the best and most suitable candidates need to be interviewed, wasting as little time as possible in securing the right fit. After this, clients are free to conduct interviews in any manner of their choosing, before bringing somebody on-board that, rest assured, is more than qualified and apt for the position in question. Being of particular importance in the automotive industry, candidates that Nexus provides help to connect its clients with the relevant leaders to put businesses in the fast lane. Within the automotive industry, innovation is of paramount importance, whether this be in the race to manufacture an autonomous vehicle, find the best alternative to petrol and diesel, or simply reduce manufacturing costs as a time of global economic crisis. With this knowledge to boot, Nexus Search can support clients through these evolutions, and possesses expertise in the areas of operations, customer management, corporate functions, and supply chain/purchasing. Moreover, the company specialises in five specific market segments, with these being thermal management; autonomous driving and advanced driverassistance systems (ADAS); interior, exterior, and seating; chassis and safety; and infotainment and connectivity. Solidifying the company’s claims in this area is a choice case study, Faurecia, a partnership that was formed with its new business unit, SAS, which was searching for support in filling critical talent gaps within its leadership team. This mutually beneficial partnership yielded 19 new hires in positions ranging from president to manager level, covering departments including operations, general management, health and safety, supply chain, engineering, finance, HR, sales, and programme management. This serves as just one example of the high-calibre recruitment solutions afforded to clients by Nexus Search, a service that has established it as a premier UK provider, and one that is more than worthy of this award demonstrating its excellence in the sector. Contact: Regan Downes, Head of Automotive Division Company: Nexus Search Web Address: https://www.nexus-search.com/