Q4 2023

RavenTrack is an advanced affiliate tracking platform, one that is customised specifically for the gaming industry by experts in the sector to effectively manage the pace and complexity needed to thrive in the market. Through the use of market-leading software, the team are able to brilliantly adapt their offerings to the individual requirements of clientele, ensuring they remain agile in an industry experiencing constant changes and advancements. Thanks to this, the company has succeeded in establishing itself as a trailblazer in its respective area. Further adding to this is a stellar focus in the area of customer support, with the business striving to provide all of its clients with an exceptional degree of service to make sure they receive the necessary guidance and assistance for the implementation of successful affiliate marketing campaigns. One particular area of specialty for RavenTrack is the African market, with its commitment to this area extending to the development of unique and specialised technology, catering directly to the opportunities and demands the region yields. RavenTrack’s stellar online platform is complete with industry-leading technology, boasting unrivalled access to a reliable and accurate tracking service. Further bolstering this factor is the company’s adherence to the stringent rules that are inherent within the industry, achieved through innovative compliance tools which serve to safeguard clients and their businesses. Moreover, RavenTrack is incredibly proud of its successful introduction of payment management services into its offerings, with these enabling the streamlining of a client’s financial operations and an overall enhanced efficiency and increased control over financial matters. The company works with a wide range of clients, with a notable example being Bet9Ja, an African business which covers many of the world’s major sporting events. Offering great odds and fantastic combinations on bets through its work with RavenTrack and the wider African market, Bet9Ja is able to fully understand the nuances surrounding the acquisitions process and has curated partnerships that are mutually beneficial. In the same vein, another particularly interesting case study is RavenTrack’s relationship with Jumpman Gaming, which has afforded it a unique opportunity to implement new technologies that can handle large numbers of clients at once. Although RavenTrack primarily deals within the iGaming industry, next year, it plans to expand its services somewhat, perhaps looking at breaking into alternate markets, such as Forex and eCommerce. Of course, the same high standards will still be attained, regardless of any new ground that is broken, with the company remaining laser-focused on its goal to “combine retention with our acquisition data to provide an end-to-end understanding of customers”, as Adam explains. Reflecting on his career directly, Adam shares some valuable advice: “Surround yourself with people who are experts in their fields and learn from those around you. [This] will make it easier to be proactive, rather than reactive.” This adopting of proactive solutions is certainly something that is embodied by the wider organisation, made paramount by its stellar numbers that are inclusive of more than £1 billion worth of revenue generated, experience working with over 150 brands, more than 1 billion monthly clicks, and 800 million monthly deposits. These numbers speak for themselves, clearly indicating the seamless integration, exceptional technology, and unrivalled customer support across the UK that RavenTrack holds so dear. Quintessentially, RavenTrack has ascended to unparalleled heights within the industry, having successfully developed and implemented an affiliate tracking platform that is sure to result in optimisation and growth for its clients. As a result of this, and the excellent customer service afforded by the team, the company has more than earned this award, championing its brilliance in the competitive field of performance marketing solutions. Contact: Adam Rowley Company: RavenTrack Web Address: https://www.raventrack.com/ UK-based RavenTrack provides an industry-leading service in the realm of tracking software and has carved out a reputation for itself as the premier affiliate tracking platform in the iGaming industry, where it has served to ultimately set the bar for both innovation and performance. Most Innovative Performance Marketing Solutions Developer 2023 – UK awardee, RavenTrack has been operating for more than five years since its founding by a team of gaming experts back in early 2018, and since then, it has gone from strength to strength. Today, the business is partnered with 150 worldwide brands, cementing its status as the solutions provider of choice within the industry. We catch up with Managing Director, Adam Rowley to learn more about the business and its solutions. Tracking the Solutions to Success