Q4 2023

impressive in-roads in articles, photos, and product listings become the norm. With automation taking over, the industry is bound to become more efficient, and those who are not on the AI bandwagon will likely miss out entirely as it continues to develop and expand over the coming years. Another recent trend has been an increase in the concern given to the environmental impact of products that are being bought/sold on the e-commerce market. Entrepreneurs in the field can no longer ignore the issues around ethical and sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging, as in a few high-value countries, such as Germany, France, and Spain, they are now liable for carbon offsetting costs, with the rest of the EU and UK soon to follow. While traditional online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay still hold majority shares in the e-commerce consumer market, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and particularly now TikTok, have integrated shop features directly into their platforms which are especially popular among youth markets. With consumers not having to leave the site in question to make direct purchases, social commerce is sure to experience continued growth well into the future. AVASK is clearly knowledgeable on current global trends across the industry, and this ultimately has something to do with the more than 450 personnel who are based in one of the many offices the company possesses around the world. As a result of such a sizeable global footprint, the team is incredibly diverse, and this is key to the organisation’s success, with every team member integral in crafting the value that the business thrives upon. The culture at AVASK is one of acceptance, tolerance, and collaboration. Melanie explains, “We operate an open-door policy with all managers and directors being available throughout the working day to support any team member, regardless of the position that they hold.” Now, with the welcoming of its new CEO, Bojan Gajic, his goal for AVASK is clear: to continue bridging the transatlantic gap between marketplaces and ensuring seamless cross-border experience for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Bojan brings to the table two decades of experience in scaling technology businesses within the industry, and his customer dedication aligns with that of AVASK’s founding partners, Dr Angelos Katsaris and Melanie Shabangu. There couldn’t be a more perfect fit for the role. Looking ahead to the future, Bojan will be driving AVASK’s continued growth and expansion across the world, with its new Polish office recently coming to fruition in Warsaw, and the completion of another new office in Prague, Czech Republic recently occurred. These new offices will help deliver new and localised services to the e-commerce marketplace and will support online sellers as they grow into exciting businesses and communities. By continuing to work with close commercial partners and business development teams around the world, the company will carry on growing its client base. In the same vein, AVASK developed software solutions will also continue to evolve and expand, adding even more features to an already featurerich client portal. The in-house software development team will also be on hand to continue to lay the groundwork for the future of the company, and new compliance services will be launched in fresh markets, helping the truly global client base seek out new opportunities in e-commerce eco-systems. It is the AVASK company motto, “What matters to you, matters to us,” which serves to underpin the truly remarkable success that the brand has had over the years. With demonstrably fantastic customer-service skills, a passion for innovation, and a truly unique insight and understanding of the industry, AVASK has established itself as the ultimate solution for sellers looking to thrive in the e-commerce market, and the team are sure to continue to experience well-deserved success for years to come. Contact: Melanie Shabangu Company: AVASK Accounting & Business Consultants Ltd. Web Address: www.avaskgroup.com