Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 52 Best International Education Consultancy 2023 With offices in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda, Jokings Educare is a specialist consultancy that’s concentrated on helping students to access exceptional educational opportunities all across the world. It has built an enviable reputation as a proactive partner, helping to flawlessly manage clients’ study plans abroad, and offer a plethora of advice with regards to individual courses. It has a focus on uncovering educational routes that perfectly chime with the unique wants and needs of each individual learner, whether that be in the UK, Canada, or the US. Having been active in the educational market since 2012, Jokings Educare is an experienced and valuable partner to have on your side when it comes to plotting a successful course through the university admissions process. This is something that can be quite intimidating to students, but with Jokings Educare at the helm it is possible to steer a steady course through the choppy waters. It relies on identifying the exact combination of strengths and objectives that will guide individuals towards a course that will be the prefect fit for them. Its in-house experts do this with a combination of meticulously executed counselling sessions, enabling it to offer a tailored approach to academia. Its services extend far beyond simple advice however, with intensive support supplied throughout the whole university selection process. From identifying and shortlisting appropriate universities, to overseeing the application and submission process, the team at Jokings Educare are determined to provide a seamless journey towards securing a place at the prestigious institution of your choice. “At Jokings Educare, we understand that navigating the complex terrain of university admissions can be daunting. That's why our expert advisors offer personalized counselling sessions designed to identify your strengths, interests, and career objectives.” Additionally, Joking Educare acknowledges the necessity of adequately preparing clients for life as an International student. It determines to help students acclimatise by offering advice before they leave home that will help them to prepare for adjusting to possible cultural differences, new living arrangements, and the logistics of travelling to a foreign country to study. With Jokings Educare at your side, you can be assured you are in the best position possible to achieve your professional and academic dreams. The company resolves to keep abreast of educational trends across the world, which helps tremendously when it comes to manifesting a future that is aligned with students’ wants and needs. Jokings Educare has a mission to “empower learners by providing innovative educational solutions.” Its overarching desire is to “foster lifelong learning and contribute to the holistic development of individuals.” One of the ways it does this is by spanning the divergence between different countries educational systems, and promoting the possibility for every student to reach their full potential. To do this, its core values are focused on excellence, integrity, inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration. They are what underpin the company’s very raison d’être, and can be fluently adapted to encompass evolving educational needs. For example, innovation has become a more central value in many ways thanks to the way technology has affected the delivery of teaching. The principles are a guiding light in an ever-changing world. The way that Jokings Educare ensures that it stays ahead of the curve in its holistic educational aims for students is all centred on its tailored approach to individuals needs and objectives. The company employs a dedicated team who constantly look into educational trends, technology, and methods to help it to keep its offerings current and effective. It also collaborates with experts who are leaders in the field of child development, and help it to incorporate innovative practices into its curriculum. Jokings Educare also actively seeks a wealth of feedback from students, parents, and educators and makes adjustments wherever it deems it necessary. Professional development is encouraged at Jokings Educare, and constantly updated. The curriculum that it offers is also designed to be adaptable, and allows new trends in the educational field to be smoothly incorporated. This is what helps the company to stay at the very forefront of education, and offer a learning experience that helps equip students for success in a fast-changing world. “As a prominent educational consultancy firm, we staunchly believe in the substantial contribution of international students to the UK economy. The organization has consistently highlighted how these students are not just passive participants in the country's academic institutions but are active contributors to its economic vitality.” Jokings Educare has taken note of several trends within the industry that it feels are particularly pertinent for students who desire to study in the UK. For instance, following the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a surge in demand for online learning from UK institutions, and an increased focus on employability. This means that many UK based universities are tailoring their