Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 54 Luxury Motorhome Hire Business of the Year 2023 The North of England is a breathtaking place simply filled with sights that need to be seen to be believed. As such, it’s common for individuals, couples, and families alike to opt for a more mobile approach to travel – one that allows them to explore the region’s beauty at their own pace. Delivering luxurious motorhomes to achieve exactly this is where Whittams specialises. Since 2018, it has been renting out beautiful motorhomes to a plethora of customers, and we explore how its commitment to enjoyment has allowed it to flourish within the UK’s travel market. Specialising in independent motorhome hire, Whittams is a small collective that is wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring that customers have a fantastic experience when venturing around the UK’s most coveted destinations. In order to do so, it offers a cohesive range of motorhome vehicles, each equipped with the means to promise comfort and leisure as it delivers clients to the nation’s most beautiful sights. Whether customers are looking to explore the UK’s mainland destinations, or are wanting to venture on European tours and other such exciting ventures, Whittams is eager to be a part of the adventure. As such, it’s little wonder that it is consistently viewed as the pinnacle of independent leisure vehicle hire. At its core, Whittams is a motorhome hire specialist that places the needs of its customers above anything else. Making travel simple and easy isn’t as straightforward as it used to be, and, in response, Whittams has set out to bring things back to basics. And, judging by its impeccable track record and wealth of positive customer insights, it’s clear that this approach has truly stirred something within the everyday traveller. Whittams is dedicated to providing the services that it itself would expect, and never dares to sacrifice any aspect in order to do so. Maintaining brilliance is key – something that the business has managed to solidify time and time again. However, this element isn’t Whittams’ sole distinguishing characteristic. In fact, what makes the business truly special is how tight knit it remains, despite the industry pressures to constantly expand one’s workforce. By remaining true to itself, Whittams has devised a business model that really works – not only does it prioritise the experience of its customers, but it places a resounding focus on guaranteeing that even the smallest of details are considered at all times. From keeping up to date with a vehicle’s maintenance requirements, to effectively communicating with customers on a frequent basis, Whittams boasts a humble nature that has consistently drawn clients to it. After all, only through observing the little things can a business promise an experience that will far exceed expectations. This is further exemplified through Whittams’ commitment to self-investment. It recognises that it has a brilliant approach to motorhome hiring services, and goes above and beyond to identify how to keep this structure alive and flourishing. Whittams has long since understood how vital that having a coherent fleet is for customers, and therefore invests heavily in its vehicles in order to keep itself fully in tune with the newest market emergences. In turn, this allows it to uphold a sense of fresh newness – one that unifies its vehicle selection for the sake of client convenience. No customer should feel as though their hired motorhome will struggle to provide comfort on their ambitious ventures, and Whittams is a firm believer in this very notion. As costs have risen across the world, the concept of travelling abroad has become less and less enticing. This ultimately led to the boom of staycations – a blissful journey where individuals can relax and unwind in their own time, without having to break the bank to see the sights. Promising the exact experience any customer may wish for, Whittams is easily the nation’s most dependable motorhome hire specialist for any looking to indulge in the natural beauty of the UK. Company: Whittams Web Address: https://whittams.com/