Q4 2023

SME News Q4 2023/ 6 Since 1914, when World War I armed forces were returning home, Care for Veterans has been providing support to veterans from the Armed Forces in desperate need of recuperation and tender care. Since then, Care for Veterans has transitioned from its location in West London to the coast-side town of Worthing, evolving into a modern hospital residential home known as the Queen Alexandra Hospital Home. Join us as we explore how its long-term dedication to healing veterans has earned it the title of Best Veteran Care & Rehabilitation NPO 2023 - Southeast England. Known across the country for providing complex, clinical support to veterans who have found themselves struggling to manage, Care for Veterans is a nonprofit organisation that has compassion at its core. Assisting veterans and their families where there is suffering from brain injuries, spinal trauma, fragility, degenerative illnesses, dementia symptoms, or cancer, Care for Veterans prioritises the assessed needs of the hospital’s occupants, whilst also remaining resonant with the family’s emotional requirements too. And, thanks to its breathtaking costal location, Care for Veterans provides the perfect space for the strongest of us to recuperate. Operating alongside the value of keeping veterans at the forefront of its mind at all times, even going so far as to accommodate couples who may share similar conditions or simply wish to spend the most time together, Care for Veterans has adapted its living spaces to be the very best that they can be. Regardless of whether someone has worked a single day of service, or have spent years engaged in military operations, Care for Veterans recognises the impact that such an intense environment can have on the mind. In response, it provides a package equal to the highest degree of NHS care but without long waiting times. Partnered with the fact that Care for Veterans acts as a one-stop portal to clinical assessment and nursing care, the organisation has long since proven its commitment to making veteran care as accessible as possible. Additionally, Care for Veterans also promises on-site clinical services, whether they revolve around physio, speech and language, swallowing training, and psychotherapy. Regardless, its dedicated team is prepared to go above and beyond to assist veterans who are struggling from the aftereffects of PTSD, through to those experiencing difficulties following the deterioration of their physical health. Keeping individuals happy, healthy, and well cared for is the backbone of Care for Veterans, and this quality has never once faltered over the course of the past century. If anything, it has only grown more passionate as time has progressed, with advances in technology allowing it to open new amenities for occupants to enjoy. Ranging from social events, arts, and crafts activities, to a screen projector cinema facility, Care for Veterans encourages all manner of engagement from veterans of all kinds. Residents are granted the option to make full use of the facilities alone, or in a group. From careful, guided cooking to peaceful reading time in the library, the abundance of activities allow for healthy stimulation, whilst also nurturing the best interests of each veteran. There truly is something for everyone under Care for Veterans’ guidance, meaning that, despite potentially experiencing the most difficult part of their lives, veterans can still make the most out of their spare time. However, Care for Veterans’ reach doesn’t end there. Having carried out in-depth discussions with partners, service users, the NHS, and Social Caring colleagues, the organisation details how it is preparing to open its doors to those who either don’t find necessity in residential stay, or those who are at risk of hospital admission without a form of structured, service-related support. Care for Veterans aims to invite self-referral for its programme of day sessions too, permitting participants to enjoy the activities whilst being granted access to a piping hot meal. Additionally, GPs and insurers will be able to refer people to Care for Veterans as part of their social and wellness prescribing schemes. Partnering this venture is Care for Veterans’ structured 12 weekly programme. Tailored to small groups who require sessions one day per week, this programme tracks progress and measures it against the initial assessments in order to help those at risk of a variety of struggles. Whether they’re likely to face extended hospital stays, risk falling at home, or have been diagnosed with dementia symptoms, Care for Veterans promises a programme that’s perfectly suited to help in any way possible via bespoke sessions. There isn’t anything that Care for Veterans hasn’t thought of when cultivating its services, resulting in a comprehensive space within which veterans can receive quality, professionally supported care. With a rich history of delivering compassionate nursing and respite residential care, Care for Veterans has long since learned how to promise comfort throughout all of its services. Caring for Veterans of the Past, Present, and Future