Q4 2023

Whether this manifests through its upcoming support extension, through which it hopes to assist those who aren’t in need of overnight stays, or through its devotion to uniting families and veterans who have experienced similar hardships with one another, Care for Veterans demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of every individual involved in the process. If there’s a way to help, chances are Care for Veterans has already discovered it. Despite having earned mass renown over the years from a variety of outlets, from BBC news to its appearances at the London Cenotaph Parade on Remembrance Day and the Royal Albert Hall Remembrance Ceremony, Care for Veterans has never once been distracted from its initial goal. Helping those in need is where it thrives, with its dedication to veterans second to none across the country. Combined with the fact that its income base has been largely self-driven, Care for Veterans is in a better place than ever before, and it hopes that this will allow it to share its positioning with corporate partners in order to develop both its services and capacity. We’re so very proud to feature Care for Veterans in this issue of SME News. Its work transcends the meaning of the word ‘kindness’, resulting in an organisation that truly understands what the country’s greatest heroes need to start their journeys of recovery. We hope that, as time progresses, it’ll continue to extend its reach to more and more veterans in need of some tender loving care. Contact Details Contact: Kate Schroder MBE Company: Care for Veterans Web Address:www.careforveterans.org.uk/