Scottish Enterprise Awards 2017

SME NEWS / Scottish Enterprise Awards 2017 11 , David Brown Lighting Design (DBD) is a creative lighting specialist dedicated to developing innovative designs tomeet the needs of its clients. We invited Founder David Brown to tell us more about the firmand how it works to ensure excellence for its clients. DBD Group Ltd Established in 1988 by David, DBD draws on his vast experience to ensure continued excellence for clients, as he explains. “Having started off my career as an Interior Designer in 1980, by 1990 I found myself being totally focused on lighting as a specialisation, as such DBD now focuses entirely on designing lights which will meet the needs and expectations of our valued clients. “Having lived through the development of lighting technology from incandescent through low voltage and now entirely LED lighting solutions. This gives us a great understanding of the lighting industry. As such, at DBD we are able to undertake a wide range of projects, however we prefer to work with companies or individuals who are truly interested in the benefits of good lighting design.” It is the firm’s vast specialism, combined with its innovative approach, that has led the company to the success it enjoys today, as David is eager to highlight. “At DBD, our mission is to achieve excellence and push the boundaries of expectation. We also design our own products specific to the decorative end of the market. These products have resulted in receiving the International Design & Architecture Award 2017.” “As testimony to the level of excellence we offer, all our business is from referrals and we strongly believe in looking after our clients from beginning to project completion. DBD may be purely lighting consultancy but often this will develop on to product specification and procurement, providing us with great opportunities to grow our knowledge and expertise.” Going forward, the firm is looking to grow and move into new markets to continue meeting its clients’ ever evolving needs, as David concludes. “Looking to the future, we foresee the expansion of our product designs as being a very important part of our on- going business. From a lighting design point of view, we see that becoming more focused on quality of services. This is as a result of the expansion of the internet and this is the one thing people want but cannot get online, therefore by providing for this niche market we hope to build upon DBD’s exceptional success so far.” Company: DBD Group Ltd Contact: David Brown Contact Email: Address: 7 Netherhall, Milnathort, Perth and Kinross, KY13 0RL, UK Phone: 07725 560653 Website : Best Interior Lighting Designer 2017 SCO17007