Scottish Enterprise Awards 2017

14 SME NEWS / Scottish Enterprise Awards 2017 , Naturastudios is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of premiumaesthetic andmedical equipment. James Anderson talks us through the firm. Naturastudios With the company director and national sales manager having a combined experience of over 20 years, Naturastudios offers peace of mind to aesthetic professionals, enabling them to deliver the latest, high-grade technology to their clients and patients. James discusses the firm’s client focused approach in more detail and how it enables them to ensure excellence for everyone it works with. “At Naturastudios the end user of our aesthetic equipment has always been at the forefront of our business, which means we are constantly working to ensure our clients’ customers experience unrivalled results. Technology, such as the Dermapen™ and the VeinAway™, have revolutionised the aesthetic industry, providing safe and easy treatments, without risk or downtime for the client.” The firm’s client focused approach ensures excellence for its clients, and allows Naturastudios to set itself apart from other, similar companies, as James highlights. “To ensure our clients always receive the service and solutions they need, we have a close relationship with every one of them. Naturastudios’ customers are able to deal directly with a specific member of staff, meaning that customer issues are not lost within a sea of operations. We also have a team of reps, who being clinic owners themselves, have a great working knowledge of the equipment. This means that our customers can trust they have the correct information in terms of the treatment process, as well as how the equipment will fit into their current business and client base. “This means that every one of the clinics we supply has two points of contact; someone who can come to their clinic or salon direct and someone on the phone that can help with orders and queries the minute they arise. Not only that, but Naturastudios has one of the most up to date database management systems and confluence sites to ensure that no customer issue, however small, is overlooked.” Looking ahead, the firm is set to build upon its current success and grow even further, as James is proud to conclude. “Currently, Naturastudios is working to expand into the European market with the VeinAway™, the industry’s leading thread vein removal system. This is a vital step for Naturastudios as the demand for this revolutionary equipment is rapidly growing. In order to keep up with the rate of demand, Naturastudios has recently employed a new team of staff to help with the transition into this new territory.” Company: Naturastudios Contact: James Anderson Contact Email: Address: First Floor, 1 Johns Place, Edinburgh, EH6 7EL, UK Phone: 0333 358 3904 Web Address: Best Aesthetic Supplier 2017 SCO17018 DIODE LASER, ND: YAG AND IPL The Forma Magma Diode is just one revolution in our aestetics product range. Empowering doctors & proffesionals, offering a range of treatment protocols. 808nm diode laser