Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019

10 | SME NEWS - Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019 When taking care of one’s health, it’s important to remember that it includes many different areas, from working out to healthy eating. PPTLifemanagement, founded and owned by Neil Paterson, is a one-of-a-kind firm operating in the wider fitness/health industry. To discover more about how it became a global specialist in personal training, we profiled the firm to reveal the secrets behind its remarkable success. PPTLifemanagement works with clients to determine the best way of managing all areas of health in a bid to maximise what can be achieved with body and mind. The company offers prehabilitation, rehabilitation, bespoke workout programs, bespoke nutrition plans, DNA testing, cognitive behaviour therapy, neuro- linguistic programming coaching, life coaching, Global Personal Training Specialist of the Year 2019 PPTLifemanagement and much more, all designed to help clients. However dire the need, Neil and his team help implement and employ individualised approach techniques for every client to ensure that they are getting the best help that they possibly can get. Founded in March 2016, PPTLifemanagement believes in putting in the preventative care now before clients reach the tipping point in life. Many business professionals lead incredibly busy lives, rarely finding the correct balance between work, social, and their own ideas of what life should be. Neil’s work encourages clients to be that life manager themselves, aiding them in improving lifestyles to meet individual goals in fitness, business, and life. As well as working with individual clients, Neil and PPTLifemanagement also offer speaking engagements. These can vary from motivational talks, to in-depth coaching seminars, and corporate wellbeing events, all designed to bring the best productivity out of a company workforce. Having hosted events in more than just Neil’s native Scotland, the firm has amassed an international client base that covers all walks of life and every facet of people’s lives. Personal training and life management is often a deeply personal choice, in that resonating with and working with the right coach is hugely important. To ensure that they continue to be the best option for every single client, PPTLifemanagement focuses keenly on the bespoke manner that each package is designed. Every client is different, with different areas of unhappiness in their lives, so a one-size-fits- all solution is impossible. Bringing all of his considerable life management techniques and knowledge to the table, Neil enables each client to manage their own pathway as a two-way discussion that can be explored and expanded upon. Believing that it is impossible to pour from an empty cup, PPTLifemanagement seeks to help clients learn what they must do in order to achieve success physically, nutritionally, mentally, and professionally. By filling the proverbial cup with expertise and knowledge around those areas, each client can then give freely of themselves in work, personal and other areas to see the success replicated. In what is an ever-growing industry, Neil has set his firm apart as being a company that offers one-to-one life management, which augments its specialisation in personal training, nutrition, mental wellbeing, and life coaching. One of the key aspects of Neil’s admirable work ethic that he has instilled in all of the staff at PPTLifemanagement is that of communal betterment. Constantly striving to reach new heights, the staff then help one another reach that level before striving on again. No-one is left behind, and everyone progressing together creates a sense of unbreakable community. Being able to improve one’s self is a great resource that Neil and the firm utilise in their work with clients on a daily basis, without ever losing sight of the humility and gratitude that has brought them thus far. Neil and the team at PPTLifemanagement have crafted the firm into something more than just another life coaching, life management, and personal training firm. Determined to see clients succeed in every area of life, Neil and his team are always on hand to ensure that clients can begin that journey towards becoming their best selves. Company: PPTLifemanagement Contact: Neil Paterson Telephone: 07790726080 LinkedIn: neil-paterson-09564031