Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019

13 | SME NEWS - Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019 Greece is home to many wonders, be they historical, natural, or gastronomical. Bringing the beautiful flavours of traditional Greek cuisine to artisan pastries in the heart of the Scottish capital, Ariston Foods Ltd have been recognised in SME News’ Scottish Enterprise Awards as the Greek Food Retailer of the Year for 2019. Find out how as we profile the firm. Located in Edinburgh City Centre and the coastal suburb of Portobello are two wonderful little bakeries that are home to some of the finest artisan Greek pastries that Scotland has to offer. Run by Ariston Foods Ltd, the hardworking team have cemented the firm as the go-to food retailer for authentic Greek cuisine that transports consumers from the centre of Scotland’s capital to the wonderfully traditional pie workshops of Crete, Athens, Thessaloniki and many more regions. More than five years on from the firm’s humble beginnings, the two bakeries, both named Greek Artisan Pastries, have garnered great attention for the flavour and authenticity of the finest Mediterranean pies, pastries, and much more. Greece’s rich history of food includes some of the most delicious flavours still popular today, including feta cheese, olive oil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, tomatoes, beef, pork, and a myriad of others too numerous to mention. However, the true talent of the team at Ariston Foods Ltd and Greek Artisan Pastries lies in taking those flavours and transforming them into truly outstanding pies and snacks. The result is handcrafted pies and pastries that are nothing short of perfection. From the moment guests step through the door of the small and welcoming shop, they are greeted by an extraordinary variety of smells and sights to bewitch the senses. Ranging from handcrafted honey cookies and Greek baklava, to the spinach and feta flavoured Spanakopita pie, it is clear to see that the team take immense pride in what they make, and rightly so. Whether craving sweet or savoury, Greek Artisan Pastries has every base covered. From the sweet vanilla custard cream pie Bougatsa Crema, to the ham and cheese Zamponotiropita, there is something for every palate at any time of day. To partner any pastry or pie, the team at the bakery also offer refreshing coffee that is Greek Food Retailer of the Year 2019 Ariston Foods Ltd. delicious with every sip. The wonderful drinks on offer smooth the throat and cleanse the palate ready for another bite, inviting consumers to take a further step into Grecian culinary brilliance. As consumers change their diets and behaviours to suit the latest trends and be as healthy as possible, Ariston Food’s constant monitoring of trends and changes has proven to be integral to its success. All of the delicious products have a balanced quantity of sugar and salt, ensuring that no matter the culinary or dietary trend, all of Greek Artisan Pastries’ snacks are the perfect pick-me-up in the beginning, middle, or end of the day. Many of the products are vegan-friendly to accommodate for every dietary necessity, lifestyle, or choice, without ever compromising on the remarkable flavours that make each bite so delicious. Both bakeries in central Edinburgh and Portobello embody the beauty of Greek food and culture. Warm welcomes, sincere smiles, and sumptuous snacks have made sure that Greek Artisan Pastries are a must for any visitors travelling to the Scottish capital and in search of truly authentic cuisine that captivates the senses. Company: Ariston Foods Ltd. Contact: Dennis Eleftherios Website: