Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019

14 | SME NEWS - Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019 Established by managing director Rory Ballantyne, Ballantynes is an independent chartered surveyor, estate and lettings agency that offers a full range of property solutions to their clients. With experience working for national housebuilders in sales and marketing, they can offer these companies the specific services they need when selling houses to new home owners. We caught up with Rory to find out more. ‘Our mission is quite simple,’ Rory begins, ‘to provide the best possible residential agency service to our clients, steadily growing the business and ensuring best practice at all time.’ Achieving this is easier said than done. With over 350 landlords and tenants to represent, with ever-changing legal fluctuation, with uncertainty in the market, it’s no easy task to ensure that clients are happy, and the business is on track. We asked Rory how he managed to stay on top of everything. ‘First and foremost, we ensure that we have the right mix of staff who are experts in their respected field and integrate well together,’ Rory explains. ‘We then ensure the systems we use are the most relevant available and totally specific for our requirements.’ Having noted the tremendous amount of legislation, he adds that ‘as a business, we need to ensure we are fully aware and trained accordingly to beyond these standards.’ All of Rory’s team are prominent property experts with a wealth of experience Best Residential Real Estate Agency - Edinburgh in the Scottish property sector. They take an individual approach to each client, adapting our service offering to best meet their requirements, believing that a successful residential agency is based upon a customer-centric approach, combined with strong local knowledge and expertise. This allows them to provide complete residential solutions to clients which appeals to those who need a range of services. In the case of housebuilder clients looking to sell their newly built properties, it means that clients are willing to trust the team to represent their business as the first point of contact. Ballantynes are highly respected for their professional approach to selling new homes. Asked about what makes Scotland different to work in, Rory points out the appeal of Edinburgh on a global stage. ‘Edinburgh has been an excellent market for the company. It is a global city, with a strong, vibrant economy - it is the UK leader in banking and finance, year-round tourism and has an impressive university focus. This makes Edinburgh of real interest on an international stage to buyers and investors.’ This, along with their much-valued Perth office, gives a strong, joined up approach geographically. Ballantynes recognises the importance of understanding the market in which they operate and have implemented a property sales tracking system, which allows them to record and analyse activity within the Scottish market. This is instrumental in providing advice to its clients on current trends and also to develop strategic advice to their businesses. Within the company, office culture is designed around doing the best they can daily, each being strong in their own disciplines, but willing to learn about other people’s specialties. ‘I would say however the overriding element of the firm’s culture is the blend of colleagues in the offices,’ says Rory. ‘We all get on and equally as important we all love our jobs. Ultimately, we all wish to be better and will assist our colleagues in a cross-discipline approach - none of us are afraid to get our hands dirty.’ It’s this attitude that has allowed the company to grow strong and steady. The team has just grown by two new members to match demand and having gotten the taste for acquisition after taking over a lettings business two years ago, Rory and his team is already eying other possibilities. It’s this eye for growth in the market that makes Ballantynes stand out in a sea of other companies. Able to take business from a range of different sources from lettings to selling to buying, there’s incredible potential for Ballantynes to pull resources to cover whatever the market demands. It’s this agility that allows Ballantynes to fly. Contact: Rory Ballantyne Company: Ballantynes Website: