Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019

15 | SME NEWS - Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019 For many people today, looking good and feeling good are intrinsically linked. Whether it’s a new haircut, fresh set of nails, or a quick beard trim, looking good can do wonders for the way people see themselves. Now celebrating their tenth anniversary of being in business, discover why Edinburgh-based Afreen Fashion & Beauty are one of the Scottish capital’s best beauty salons in 2019. Choosing the right beauty salon is a painstaking process for many people, ensuring that the staff know exactly what they want done, and how they like it. The process is almost as daunting as the choice itself, but for residents of the buzzing port district of Leith in Edinburgh, it definitely does not need to be. In the heart of one of Edinburgh’s most vibrant districts is a salon sure to get every client looking their absolute best; Afreen Fashion and Beauty. Beginning over a decade ago in September 2009, Afreen Fashion and Beauty was the dream of salon owner Nylla Latif. Having worked as a beautician since she was sixteen, she brings the necessary knowledge, passion and drive to see her own threading and beauty salon succeed for more than ten years. Nylla herself boasts more than twenty years’ experience working within the fashion and beauty industry, having refined her craft since being a teenager and made it into a truly extraordinary career. Now firmly established as one of the city’s best independent salons with a reputation for delivering quality fashion and beauty work, Afreen Fashion and Beauty has been able to focus more specifically on particular areas. The salon became one of the first in Edinburgh to specialise in eyebrow threading and facial threading, whilst also being experts in all areas of fashion. Whilst anyone can train to become an “expert” in threading thanks to hour-long courses, Nylla makes sure that her team share her passion and mastery of the craft, only hiring staff with more than three years of threading experience. Since Afreen Fashion and Beauty’s opening more than ten years ago, hair removal by threading has become increasingly popular across both salons and shopping centres offering a chair where people can sit and have Beauty Salon of the Year 2019 - Edinburgh Afreen Fashion & Beauty a treatment. Recent trends have shown that hairdressers, nail salons, spas and barbers are renting out chairs to self-employed threaders, and shopping centres are renting out spaces for popup threading bars to capitalise on the growing trend and desire for a quick treatment whilst out shopping. Owner Nylla consistently makes sure that each and every member of her team at Afreen Fashion and Beauty shows professionalism of the highest standards, and excellence within their chosen area of beauty. Every client is given the same exceptionally high standards of care and respect, always taking into consideration exactly what the client wants and how best to achieve it. As well as specialising within eyebrow threading and new phenomena within the industry, the whole team at Afreen Fashion and Beauty offer a myriad of services. These can include, but are not limited to, tinting services, extensions, body waxing for females, laser hair removal, facials, henna designs, and micro-needling to name but a few. Whatever the occasion or simply looking to look one’s best, Nylla and her team are more than capable of finding the perfect look for every client. More important than following trends or delivering incredible fashion and beauty services however, is Nylla’s commitment to treating her staff like family. Everyone has the same responsibility and duty to ensure that a client should leave happy and excited about their new look, but Afreen Fashion and Beauty is a home for every single staff member. As well as their commitment to one another, staff also agreed that all tips given to the salon are sent to charities, be they domestic or working in the staff’s home country of Pakistan. Not simply content to help the vulnerable communities of Edinburgh, this wonderful team are helping on an international scale, in countries where, sadly, poverty is still rife. The team at Afreen Fashion and Beauty are not just content to help people look good, but they are being good people themselves. Showing admirable dedication to looking after their local and international communities, Nylla and her team are the outstanding lodestar for Edinburgh’s businesses, helping those who are vulnerable and in dire need of love and care. Company: Afreen Fashion & Beauty Contact: Nylla Latif Website: