Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019

16 | SME NEWS - Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019 Not just a conference venue, but an essential lifeline to those in need, Trades Hall of Glasgow offers a top-class locale to customers while using profits as support the charitable work of Trades House. A historic site that creates the perfect backdrop to any situation, join us as we take a look at this successful location to discover some of the secrets to its considerable success. Since 1794, Trades Hall of Glasgow has been a prominent part of Glaswegian heritage. Offering the ideal location for meetings, conferences, weddings and celebrations, clients are able to tailor each of the many rooms to suit the needs of their event. Taking advantage of this beautiful building, clients have varied from small businesses needing a place to hold meetings, to multinational corporations hosting their annual awards, alongside the ever-unique weddings that dominate the calendar. Trades Hall puts all of its profits towards the Trades House charity, which supports those in need throughout the Greater Glasgow area. This is through both charity work and educational initiatives. The Education Festival that is run through Trades House is designed to motivate and engage with those in education in Glasgow, bringing young and old into the building. Of course, what elevates Trades Hall above and beyond is the ‘money can’t buy’ experience that only comes of a long history and unique story. With seven diverse and flexible rooms, each is suited to different demands, ranging from the Best Conference & Event Venue - Glasgow The Trades Hall of Glasgow opulence of the Grand Hall, to compact and contemporary meeting rooms. As the second oldest building in Glasgow still used for its original purpose, staff take a great deal of pride in maintaining the building while equipping it with 21st Century comforts. State-of-the-art air-conditioning and architectural lighting work to give maximum comfort to guests. As mentioned above, weddings provide a major part of Trades Halls’ business throughout the year. Ensuring that they receive the best service possible. By granting exclusive access to the building for these bookings, it’s possible to provide a bespoke service that allows couples to access the special care they deserve and demand. Scottish companies have been able to benefit greatly from the supportive business network in Glasgow, with this forming the basis of Trades House and Trades Hall. Following the major investment in facilities such as the SSE Hydro, Glasgow has become much more of an ‘event destination’, which in turn has brought people to Trades Hall. This has made the hospitality and venue hire sector increasingly competitive, meaning some fail, but it has encouraged the Trades Hall to increase flexibility and improve service standards. Culturally, the fact that Trades Hall is a charity and the home of Trades House makes a huge impact on how the business is run and how it intends to move forward. Donating more than £750,000 annually to deserving causes is a natural motivator to providing the best possible experience for clients. Maximising the income means that more can make it to the incredibly important projects that Trades House sponsors. Trades Hall offers its clients a top-class venue that is steeped in history. Focusing on generating as much money for worthy causes as possible helps guide the team when providing excellent services for everyone who walks through the doors. Still used for its original purpose as a place for business leaders to meet and discuss, it holds a rare position in Glasgow that has only been achieved by not languishing in the past but working constantly to bring it right up to date. Company: The Trades Hall of Glasgow Contact: Elaine Gilchrist Web Address: Email: