Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019

18 | SME NEWS - Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019 Finding that perfect gift for that special someone can be a challenge. Producing handmade pieces for all occasions, Corrine Smith has grown her business through creating jewellery to celebrate those milestone events and those special relationships. Recently, we caught up with Corrine to find out more about her award-winning designs. Starting as a bridal accessories business in 2004, the success of the company led to the creation of ‘JOY by Corrine Smith’. “I loved the impact that thoughtful handmade pieces had on my brides and their families, as well as the appreciation they had for something meaningful and special to them,” Corrine explains. “JOY was created with a commitment to creating personalised jewellery that honoured love and life, celebrating all those special moments and memories that bind us together.” Creatively bound to spread JOY every day, Corrine and her team aim to do so by creating their considerate and sentimental jewellery. “We are noticing that the sentiment of giving gifts with meaning, particularly jewellery, is more popular now than ever before,” she tells us. “Whether that be a hidden engraved message, some secret wording that holds a special meaning or a reminder of how to stay brave and empowered through tough times.” Best Handmade Personalised Jewellery Designer 2019 Joy by Corrine Smith The growing market has proven incredibly useful to Corrine and her team. Over the past three years, they have experienced an amazing amount of growth, which has allowed them the opportunity to explore new avenues and aspects of design. “Jewellery can serve as a way of expressing how we feel, or indeed how we want to feel or a reminder of the qualities within us that we want to enhance. Jewellery with empowering messages and that allow self-expression will be around for some time to come. It is a trend that we love and that we will continue to expand within our range.” Despite being under her name, team work is critical to the good running of JOY. “Scotland has a very rich creative offering, with diligent craftspeople and gifted artisans to be found the length and breadth of the country,” Corrine enthuses. Her crafty team has fed, and is fed by, the incredible growth of JOY. “We inspire and support each other,” Corrine tells us. “Additionally, we are always looking at new ways of doing things and innovation is at our very core.” With an eye on the ethical, JOY is currently switching its packaging to a recycled eco-friendly option. “We are working on a strategy to apply these principles in as many areas of the business as we can,” Corrine assures us. The success of JOY has allowed the development of two new lines for the business, intended to be launched in 2020. Aiming towards the sophisticated end of the market, with a higher price point, JOY luxe is designed to bridge the gap between costume and fine jewellery, boasting modern heirlooms with meaningful sentiment. The other line, JOY junior will offer a new take on children’s jewellery, with something relevant to all tastes and is a nod to favourite past-times and hobbies. As mentioned, none of this would be possible without a team to support the business, as Corrine tells us more. “We work hard for our customers, and continue to evolve our range by offering new concepts and more choice with consistent reliability in terms of quality and service.” It’s no surprise that Corrine’s handmade designs have been a success, but it’s through her creative vision and leadership that the business has proved to be such an incredible triumph in so short a time. With plans for expansion already in motion, we are certain we will be seeing more JOY by Corrine Smith for many years to come. Contact: Corrine Smith Company: Joy by Corrine Smith Web Address: Telephone: 01563 532561 by