Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019

20 | SME NEWS - Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019 Opened in 2013, Sarah Murray Beauty & Skin Clinic has since become a space where people can go to relax and feel comfortable far from the busyness of everyday life. In order to find out what has made this space the best beauty & skin clinic in Edinburgh for 2019, we caught up with founder and owner Sarah Murray following her successes. Throughout the six years since Sarah founded her own beauty clinic, the industry has continued to change and evolve at a rapid pace. New treatments are constantly being developed and released, with new products on the market all the time. It can be hard for customers and clinicians alike to stay on top of new treatments. However, for some potential first-time customers, the first stumbling block is often encountered prior to even entering the clinic. Sarah shared with us her vision for the business, and how it seeks to calm the nerves of new customers. “I wanted to create a space that people could come to and feel comfortable and relaxed in from the outset. Coming into a clinic or salon environment can be nerve-wracking for some people. Having treatments done and being made to feel good about yourself shouldn’t have any boundaries and should be open to everyone. Our client base is very diverse and varied which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.” Sarah’s expertise and training in beauty and skincare stretches back to 2002, and her unique understanding of how the industry has changed since then continues to help steer Best Beauty & Skin Clinic 2019 - Edinburgh the clinic through times of great change. It has also enabled Sarah to be discerning with what treatments she introduces into the clinic. Talking us through the growth of the clinic, Sarah expands upon what has grown exponentially since its founding more than six years ago. “It can be difficult to keep up with what is a ‘trendy’ treatment to have and what has actual staying power. So I have to take care when selecting what new treatments to bring into the business. Our Skin Clinic side is growing at a rate of knots. We are seeing a lot of young girls in particular that are in desperate need of advice and help with their break out prone skin. They have tried a lot of different approaches and nothing has worked, we try to provide honest advice in a caring way. When it comes to skin it is definitely not a one size fits all approach as everyone is so different.” Beauty and skin treatments are always changing and evolving, seeking to address new issues and offer clients even greater levels of skin clarity, and that all-important feeling of seeing themselves as beautiful. For Sarah and the team, they help clients to realise that goal thanks to the best treatments and products in the industry. “We will always strive to bring the best treatments and products in the industry to our clients and education is key in achieving this. I like to learn new information and new skills and I am lucky enough that my team are like minded. We offer various services ranging from Skin Clinic treatments such as Chemical Peels, Enzyme Therapy and LED Light Therapy to HD Brows, Pedicures and Nail Treatments. We are also fortunate enough to be partnered with like-minded brands such as AlumierMD. Their support and education programme is fantastic and they are constantly evolving.” Delivering an excellent service begins with having an excellent team, and Sarah understands the value that her staff team contribute towards the success of the clinic in 2019. Working closely together can lead to stressful environments, but the constant communication and humour between the staff keep the atmosphere light, warm, and welcoming to all clients that step through the door. Sarah shared with us her pride as to how the team continues to impact the business in many different positive ways. “My team are second to none and I could never have imagined I would be fortunate enough to work alongside such a talented, caring, strong and funny group of women. Each and every one of them is different and brings something unique to the business which I think is a rare thing to find. I think our clients receive a personal service from the moment they walk through the door and I like to think they all feel extremely valued.” Ultimately for Sarah and the team, there is no greater feeling than helping a customer see how beautiful they truly are. Whether it be a holistic skin treatment, or a beauty treatment for eyes, hands, or feet, the Sarah Murray Beauty & Skin Clinic is the perfect place in Edinburgh to go when in need of some well-deserved pampering. Company: Sarah Murray Beauty & Skin Clinic Contact: Sarah Murray Website: