Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019

21 | SME NEWS - Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019 It’s not always easy to look after yourself when you enter the twilight years of your life, with practical requirements balanced against the desire to stay amongst familiar places and faces. At Eidyn Care, the team provides individuals at their most vulnerable the opportunity to live at home, whilst receiving exceptional palliative care from professionals. We decided to take a look at this award-winning company to find out more. The idea for a specialist Care at Home company was formed over dinner, after Rebecca McLennan (Registered Manager) had completed a long shift working with palliative care patients at St Columbia’s hospice, Edinburgh. She identified that there was no palliative care at home company that could look after people in their own home. Her experience in a busy oncology ward gave her the in-depth knowledge and practical experience to ensure the highest quality care would be offered to individuals. The intention, which still stands today, is to allow people to live with dignity and respect in the comfort of their own home. With over 50 active clients, the business has grown tremendously in the last three years. Many of the patients that Eidyn Care looks after often have a wide range of complex needs and requirements. As such, the staff have ongoing learning and partake specialist courses in a Homecare Provider of the Year 2019 Eidyn Care number of topics, which include dementia and Motor Neuron Disease, to ensure that they are equipped to deliver the best service possible. In addition to this, the staff are empowered to make their own decisions – within defined parameters – to allow their client care to excel and be person centred. Not just tending to the clients’ medical needs, the staff at Eidyn Care help to manage the holistic side of care as well. This involves ensuring that their clients are comfortable and satisfied in every regard, as well as supporting both them and their family’s wellbeing during difficult times in their lives. Working in such a challenging industry can lead to staff feeling neglected and uncared for, but Eidyn Care makes a special effort to look after each member of the team. The management team at Eidyn Care know that by investing time will lead to contented staff who work effectively and ensure that the number one priority is the care of their clients. Today, the company is currently undergoing mental health training to recognise the signs that members of their staff and clients that might be in need of support. Alongside this, Eidyn Care also have a rewards system, which offers staff with free cinema, coffees and money off shopping, along with an employee assistance programme that supports the team’s well-being alongside creating healthy working lives. Looking ahead, the biggest challenge for Eidyn Care is not finding new clients, but in sourcing quality staff. Home care is seen in a negative light with few people wishing to join the industry, despite of its incredibly rewarding nature. This challenge is universal across the healthcare sector, with recent political developments reducing the recruitment pool. At Eidyn Care, the award- winning company intends to implement new strategies for recruitment and retention of staff, so it can continue to provide safe and consistent support to its clients in the years to come. Recognising the need for people to feel comfortable in their own homes, Eidyn Care succeeds in providing care that gives its clients dignity and respect. Ultimately, this successful Edinburgh- based company offers its clients a service that truly sets the standard for palliative home care. Contact: Andrew McLennan Company: Eidyn Care Web Address: Telephone: 0131 285 1221 EIDYN CARE