Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019

4 | SME NEWS - Scottish Enterprise Awards 2019 Within the entertainment industry, it can be easy for fans to overlook the fact that touring groups may struggle to find comfortable and affordable accommodation that is ideally located. Specifically catering for the entertainment industry’s accommodation needs, Nestival Ltd. is the perfect answer for any touring entertainment, arts, sports, festival or theatre group across the world. Here we discover more about Nestival’s mission to enable everyone to watch their favourite touring productions as we profile the business. Founded in 2012, Nestival has quickly established itself as a world leader in providing tailored accommodations services to the entertainment industry, catering for the many touring productions that happen all year round, and all around the world. A passion that was born out of love for the Edinburgh Fringe and International Festivals, the firm has since expanded into the International Arts Festival and Entertainment circuit as a whole and is widely regarded as the go-to provider for entertainment accommodation. Now, more than seven years on from the initial formation of the firm, Nestival is operating at some of the largest arts and entertainment events in the world, as far flung as Sydney and San Francisco. With an extensive portfolio of properties available in all manner of locations across the world, Nestival has been responsible for housing thousands of industry professionals and guests every year in quality, comfortable and secure accommodation at a competitive rate. Every touring group is different in size, shape, budget, timelines and accessibility needs, so flexibility is an enormous priority for the team at Nestival. Artists and entertainers with all different requirements can count on the highest level of personal service, with warm and welcoming atmospheres upon arrival. Working with budgets and timelines, the team will find the perfect accommodation at the right price, whether it be a high-end hotel with bespoke concierge services, to serviced apartments with entry-level accommodation. Where other accommodations firms might seek to work across multiple industries or include the general public, Nestival work purely within the entertainment industry, albeit on a worldwide and year-round scale. When pulling together a brief for each client, it is imperative that the team understand everything about their stay, including travel times, show times, security, staff needs, and so much more. In what is an flourishing time for the arts and entertainment industry across the world, and in Scotland in particular, Nestival has a bright future ahead of it. With such incredible venues as the Usher Hall, Assembly Rooms, Playhouse, and Festival Theatre drawing the world’s best to Edinburgh, it is an exciting time for the industry in Scotland with new filming studios also being built in the city. Next year will also see the Nestival brand operating in more cities and on more fronts than ever before. Staff that have grown up in the Nest are beginning to stretch their wings and fly higher, achieving greater things and encouraging more clients to join the flock. Best Entertainment Industry Accommodation Provider 2019 Nestival ® At a time where political unrest and global crises seem to be lurking around every corner, the arts and entertainment industry plays a vital role in keeping spirits high. Nestival are ensuring that entertainment artists and their teams of incredible staff have the perfect place to rest and recover after long days and nights of putting a smile on everybody’s face. Company: Nestival ® Contact: Becki Linley Website: Photo credit: Jacinta Oaten Becki and Gingzilla (Artist)